10 Tips to Make your Workout more Effective!

You surely don’t want to spend some long hours at gym, but you want to get stronger and fitter. It may be possible that you can maximize the results in the same time and get most out of your workout.

  1. Limit your workouts to 30-40 minutes. People who really want to get the most out of the workouts they do, try to spend the most of their time at the gym, but the truth is that after 30-40 minutes, the benefit decreases. It’s better to workout at a much higher intensity in for a short interval of time. Exercising 1 hour a daily will be great.
  2. High-intensity workouts. If you just started exercising, it will be best to take it slow. If you are like running or cycling, for example, first build up your endurance, for at least a month before you do something more intense. Running at a level where you can easily talk without taking out your breath will be good. and once get a stronger endurance, increase the intensity.
  3. Protein. Many people don’t give attention on giving their body some proteins and things for their muscles to build up. If you too don’t, you are getting a little out of your workout, as both strength workouts and cardio workouts require proteins. Protein Shakes are the best for it.
  4. Compound exercises. You should do the exercises that focus on multiple muscles rather than focusing on a single part. As our full-body is used in day-to-day life, so developing the whole body is necessary. Some compound exercises include deadlifts, lunges, squats, push ups, rows, dips, pull ups and more.
  5. One set, but perfect. Instead of making 3-4 sets of workout daily, maximize its effectiveness by doing only one, but with perfection, and do it until you can no longer be able to keep the proper form. Improper workout, lifting, for example, doing it wobbly and not upto the mark will give no benefit.
  6. Water. Make sure to hydrate yourself. It takes couple of hours for the body to absorb water, so just to drink water right before the exercises is not enough. Make it a habit of drinking water throughout the day…
  7. Shakes before and after. It’s the best to have a protein shake just before the workout and just after it. Taking it before, increases the flow of the amino acids and after the workout, the shakes start stimulating the growth of the muscles.
  8. Heavier weight. When you’re starting, it’s the best to start with some light weights. But as soon as you got your form, start with the heavy ones. Don’t sacrifice your form for the heavy weights as that will be ineffective. But some heavy weights along with a good form will give you some better results in lesser
  9. Pick a cardio exercise you enjoy. There’s no fun to exercise things if you hate them. And this won’t keep you up for it for very long. Pick something that’s fun like running,walking, etc. After the initial stage, when you are getting used to that exercise, you’ll try to make it more intense.
  10. Mix up. Don’t try stick to the same workout routine, or else the body will adjust to that stress level and then you won’t be getting some effective workout. For a good strength, change the routine every few weeks.

Remember, the high-intensity workouts aren’t for the people who are just starting. You should firstly build up the endurance before doing the high-intensity exercises, and start with some lighter weights, stressing good form and then shift to heavier weights. And it will be much better to get a trainer for your workouts.


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