11 gifts ideas for your mother for the big day!

She started dreaming about you when she was five and has wanted you since them.She named her toys after you and carried it everywhere.She fed you and clothed you with her love.She longed to see you and hold you everyday.She hid her tears portraying your laugh when they slit her skin and she has taken pride ever since. She has always been there. Even before you felt her she was always there.

She watched you take your first step,she watched you as you stumbled and fell. She watched you take another step and watched you crash again. She sang to you through the night and read your favorite story a million times. She was there all along. Right from finding where your other pair of sock to taking care of your children or even beyond she is always there.

So to pull you back on track  ‘describe your mother’.

You are lost in words aren’t you? We cannot stop talking about her,even if we did it won’t suffice. We would not have been the same without her. Sometimes I honestly think she must be an angel sent just to keep us safe. She is the one person,the only person who will always be there for you.

Well,the truth is I cannot stop smiling as I type this post and I bet you too cannot as you read this, for she does it just like that doesn’t she ? she brings that smile on our face like no other.

It is mother’s day this may 14 and shouldn’t we at least try to do something to make her feel special.Be thankful and show her all the love that you have been bottling up and celebrate her.

So here is a gift guide to help you find something your mother will love.


well, who doesn’t love an handbag? So why not get your mother a pretty leather bag that she could carry with pride.

Kitchen combo :

And to the mothers who love souvenirs and collectibles.You can get some quirky cute fridge magnets,coasters and make their kitchen and dining a better place. You can also buy picture frame magnets and put it on the fridge to always be around her.


To mothers who love to read why not let them unravel time by getting them the vintage classics. You could also give them DVDs of their favorite movie and watch them fall in love all over again.


To women who has dedicated half their lives making coffee for their other halves. Why not let them enjoy their own cuppa coffee?


Women who own the best shoes can win the world with ease.Get them the perfect comfortable shoes they can canon the streets with. With the comfortable soles any women can lead.


You can also get her the dress she has been laying her eyes on for quite a long time or too nervous about fitting into. Shed her some light and force her into clothes that she secretly wishes upon.


To the bold beautiful women who is putting her time behind yours and making the world a better place for everyone around her give her what she deserves and make her feel special.


Furnish her corner with new cozy  furniture and help her feel relaxed in life for once.


Make her feel beautiful and speak your heart out through authentic jewelry which will take her to another planet. Embellish her with precious stones and let her know how precious she is to you.


For the plant lover you can get them beautiful blooming plants that will keep her company while you are away.


For the artsy mothers you can fill their walls with exclusive paintings that will boost their mood every time they walk past it.


You can also pamper them with beautiful china dishes,tea pots and fill it with all your love.

Celebrate mothers and let them know how special they are.When you are ready to write a million letters for the girl whom you met minutes ago why not take time to write a small piece of note to your mother and let her know how much you love her. Always be grateful for the life she has give you.


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