12 Monsoon Hacks For Fashion Junkies!

Pre-monsoon showers are on their way and soon the weather will turn romantic with periodic rain becoming a daily sight. It’ll be a treat you while you sit behind the glass, watch the droplets crash with the window and sip on your hot cocoa. But, as tempting as it sounds, you cannot hide in your house from the water in the fear of ruining your dress or makeup.


With these tips and hacks, your monsoon will just be another season you enjoy being a smart fashionista while others stare at your from their houses, wishing they were you.

1-The humidity in the air will float like love; kiss your liquid foundation goodbye for a while and brush on the powdered ones. Compacts such as Lakme, M. A. C., and L. A. Girl would do the trick. The moisture due to the weather will cake and mess your foundation, which you want to avoid at all costs.

2-Do not. I mean it. Don’t pick your brow pencil. Instead, go for a strict threading schedule along with hair gel or nail hardener to keep them brows in shape.

3- Switch to astringent if you have an oily skin instead of toner but make sure you do not skip the application before priming your face. It’ll remove all the excess oil and dirt layer on your skin for a clean priming.

4-If your skin is sweat prone like mine, here’s a little trick for you: grab a cube of ice and rub it on your face for a minimum of 15 minutes before applying any makeup product. It has both long and short term benefits. It cools the skin down and reduces sweating and sebum production. Over time, it reduces the acne outbreak and reduces the size of your pores.

5- GIIIRRRLLLL, no heels. I know. I’m sorry but it will be a wise choice to avoid wearing leather boots and opt for sandals and flats that too of a rubber material. Remove the cloth shoes or footwear for the love of god!

6-Apply a thin coat of any nude colour of eye shadow including beige, pink, light cream, golden light, page brown or any other skin shade before applying your liner to help it stick to your lid.

7- Bid a farewell to any shimmer on your face since the oil on your skin will serve the shine and gloss. Increase in the oil production and the moisture in the air will make you look too shiny and give a look of ‘makeup went wrong’.

8- Go easy on your hair and prefer simple hairstyles instead of hard curls and mount puffs for your hair. I’m sure they make you look gorgeous but believe me, they’re a tedious job to maintain and manage them since the hair will be limp and damp even after a tonne of sprays and dry shampoos. Bangs and layers are suitable; let your hair dance naturally this monsoon.

9-A must have water based moisturiser such as Lacto Calamine should be in your bag pack. It keeps the oil away and prevents water loss and perspiration due to sweating.

10-Goodbye denim. The humidity will make you regret wearing hard denim the moment you step out of your house. Go for lighter fabric such as cotton. Kick the full-length clothes out of the way and pick the short, knee length skirts, capris and other three-fourths for the season, you’ll thank yourself.

11-Lighten up the blush and opt for a powder contour instead of a creme base for obvious reasons. Make sure you blend it over the jawline as well to provide an optimum cover for the oily shine. Shades such as hues of pink, brown and peach are suggested.

12-As far as your hair is concerned, they’ll be sticky and frizzy and oily. yes. So make sure you wash your hair regularly and apply hair serum such as Matrix or Wells to keep those locks in control.

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