15 little things you can try to start a new year healthy diet plan!


New year, new me has never lasted a month has it? because we often try to jump into things that half our heart doesn’t even want to do. so why squeeze yourself into a box knowing you are never going to fit in,

so start your resolutions one step at a time and also choose something that will help you in some way, that will make you feel a little better than you were before both mentally and physically.

Why not start with starting to eat healthily? no, I’m no way asking you to change your entire meal plan. no, don’t ruin the fun, eat whatever you feel like, but why not add a little extra something to make you feel a little extra, cause you are extra arent you? but it is definitely not a cake walk but we can still try cant we? so here are 15 little things that you can try to help you feel a real new me.

  • Break the fast – Yes, start your day with a little food in the morning, even if it is a very small amount of food. but if you want your body to wake up with then you have to give it something and also remember you have to do it within 2 hours of waking up.
  • Skip your bed coffee, coffee or tea shouldn’t be the first thing that enters your system so before you pour your fuel add a piece of bread or cereal or even a fruit with it.

  • Don’t stick by eating only whenever you feel hungry rule, your system needs food every 3-4 hours, you can keep it simple and in small portions but keep your body running by feeding it every 4 hours
  • Balance your plate with vegetables, half lean protein and half whole grains. if you cant then balance the left quantity in your next meal.
  • Hydrate, your body sure needs water to survive, drink 6-8 ounces of water every day and you will never fall sick. I promise you that.
  • you can snack healthy if your stomach growls and it can help you keep your inner light
  • Don’t over-eat because you don’t want to waste food, don’t stuff your stomach because its something you love. eat full but don’t stuff
  • Keep your drink minimal, a drink a day is more than enough.
  • Make note of your salt intake, keep it minimal and processed food contains more salt than you will ever know.
  • Keep your restaurant visits to twice a week to cut down a whole lot of craving
  • Limit your soda intake, stick on to fresh fruit juices or protein shakes.
  • let 80 percent of your day’s meal be healthy and the other 20 percent can be of something fun and juicy.
  • keep your sugar intake absolutely minimal, make honey your first choice.

Well, that was easy, wasn’t it? it’s not too much and also not too less, so put this up somewhere you can always see and try to follow at least half of what’s in it and watch yourself grow better.

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