25 tips How to lose weight

Whatsapp ConversationHello everyone. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your life. Here I am with my new post.. 🙂

Sometime one small thing can change your routine, something similar happened to me. Few days back I got a Whatsapp message. This conversation forced me to think about on various tips how to lose weight and my research started. Here’s my bucket list:-

    1. Drink Water– If you are feeling hungry then first drink sufficient water, so that you only eat the amount needed by body.
    2. Don’t avoid anything– If you will tell yourself  “I don’t have to eat chocolate” then mind will always think about the chocolate. So its better that you gratify your taste buds by eating small bite of chocolate.
    3. Read the level of packaged food– Whenever you buy packaged food, read all the ingredient level before using it. Make sure that the amount of fat and carbohydrate is same as your need.
    4. Eat in proper manner– You should chew your food properly, so that you eat only that amount which body need. Many people eat while they watch television. This is a bad habit, there’s a you’ll eat more than your body need.

  1. Don’t sleep hungry– If you feel hungry in late night, then eat badam or akhrot ( proteinaceous nuts) instead of taking fatty or oily food.
  2. Exercise daily– Exercise doubles the metabolic rate of your body. It’s not necessary that you have to do exercise daily, you can do it on alternate days also.
  3. Avoid fatty food-It’s very hard to stop yourself from taking fast food, but always keep in your mind that these are the biggest source of fat. It’s important to control yourself.
  4. Use green tea-Taking green tea daily helps burn 40% more calorie. Once you develop a habit, green tea is as good as your normal coffee or tea.
  5. Take fibrous food– There should be masoor, pea, cauliflower, broccoli, green vegetables, mushroom, brown bread etc. in your food. These take more time in digestion so your stomach would be full for longer period.
  6. Eat on fixed time– There should be fixed time for eating. So that your body feel appetite at fixed time and you will not eat irregularly.
  7. Make proper diet plan– Make a proper diet chart. There should be dalia, oats, etc in your breakfast.
  8. Be Active always– Endorphins hormone releases from regular exercise or walk. It make you energetic.
  9. Exercise dailyDo Household works– Household work keep your body healthy. From this you’ll burn a lots of calories. Which is very helpful for your body.
  10. Sound sleep – Tired body always give signal for food. This causes overeating. This is the reason you should at least sleep 6-7 hr daily.
  11. Sound sleepWalk in fast speed– If you walk 1/2hr daily with speed, then you can burn about 320 calorie.
  12. Eat in a small plate– So that you intake less quantity of food.
  13. Avoid use of lift– Use stairs in place of the lift, it’s a good exercise. It’s almost equal to a 30min walk. So if possible make sure you avoid lift at your workplace and home.
  14. Make friends group– For exercise, to lose weight, to follow diet etc make a group of friends. Because in a group you see each other and there’s a healthy competition to lose weight. This helps you to be regular.
  15. Maintain a diet journal– It will always inspire you to lose weight.
  16. Buy dress of expected size
  17. Give preference to vegetables-If you are serving your food yourself. Then increase the amount of salad and vegetable and decrease the amount of rice and chapati. So that you can get rid of 200 calories in a single shot.
  18. Keep Silent– Whenever you are in stress your body become numb which makes you feel hungry. In stress, usually people end up eating a lot of junk/fatty food. Make yourself calm whenever your stress and feeling hungry.
  19. Avoid junk food– Junk food is not only fatty, but also destroy mental cells which control the weight of the body.
  20. How to loose weight (avoid junk food)Control yourself– Don’t order outside food. You can take low fat snacks at home also.
  21. See a healthy you– Imagine the goddess figure you’ve in your mind. It will inspire you to reach your goal.

These are few small steps that I am taking to get rid of the extra weight in my body.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do share your thoughts and experiences in comments. It will really help me get motivated on my journey to fitness.  🙂

Till next post stay beautiful stay sexy and stay fit.


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