Because You Are Never Too Old for DISNEYLAND!

“You are never too old for disneyland.”

I have always been a Disney fiction fan and all of my childhood trips planning started and ended with visiting Disney parks. So when Gaurav surprised me with a trip to Disneyland in USA, the little child me jumped to the seven heights! 😀 Finally felt like the childhood dreams are coming true, all at once! <3

To tell you honestly giving an account of my trip to Disneyland in LA, in limited words is like nailing jello to a tree! There are so many amazing things to tell you guys that I can go on and on and on! 😀 But nonetheless, let’s get started with whens, whats, wheres and hows of the trip! 😀

So first on the travel guide, where to stay! Now there are two options, staying onsite (i.e Disneyland Resort Hotels) or off site (nearby hotels). While staying on site will give you perks like early access to the parks, using your room key for charging privileges in the parks and feeling the Disney magic, staying offsite is cheaper, rooms are easily available and their proximity to the park is often an issue. We stayed at an airbnb apartment nearby and had a blast!

Now the next most important part (that should actually be the most important part) 😀 what I wore! 😀 I chose my recent favorite look for this trip because you just don’t play the part, you dress the part too! 😀 So I wore a classic yet chirpy black dress with fringe hem that i got from Hollywood walk of fame vintage shop. It was so convenient, easy and sexy to wear it! I paired it up with matching black gladiator sandals from forever 21 that kept my feet happy and made me feel stylish the day long! To prep up my look i threw a printed scarf that i bought lately from and a nice stud watch from Amazon as well. You like?


Next on my list, The best attractions! Disneyland in USA has over 57 attractions that make it impossible to cover in a day. We started off with fantasyland which has attractions based on Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, King Arthur, Mad Tea Party, Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough etc. I felt like a princess exploring all these places and enjoying my own fantasy-tale! <3

Our next stop was Tomorrow-land, which has the ultimate star war ride! It also has the very famous finding nemo voyage, jedi training show and the space mountain roller coaster. All the rides in tomorrowland brought me back to my childhood literally.

We also visited the Adventure-land, which was amazing because, one- it had the jungle cruise which takes you through the major rivers of Asia, Africa etc on a tramp steamer, two- Indiana Jones dark ride, three- it had a Tarzan tree house! 😀 New Orleans Square boasts of a water based pirate of Caribbean ride, a haunted mansion ride among other fantabulous rides. Disneyland also has a little Mickey toon-town, which takes to the Mickey and Minnie adventures through various mind-boggling rides! There were many attractions that couldn’t visit because of shortage of time but I think it’s good to leave something for the next time, right? 😀

And the last thing, What to eat! 😀 Now food is not anything that comes to your mind while visiting Disneyland, but hey it is food! 😀 To get most of the Disneyland, do try Mickey lollipop, turkey legs, mickey pancakes, Monte cristo available on the main street and around the parks!














Hope you loved the post. We will be soon with our travel post.

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