4 Astonishingly Easy Hair Style Idea for the ‘Lazy Girl’

There are days when I feel so lazy that I just want to work in my pajamas without leaving bed, let alone getting ready and trying complicated looks for work. (Confession of a lazy girl) But then looking pulled together is necessary if you have to go to work or meetings. So I inculcated a few laziest hairstyle ideas that makes me look my best in no time and without any hassles. So today post is all about hairstyle ideas for lazy girls.:D
So bye bye boring hair! Hello lovely easy hairstyles! 😀

1. Hair Overlapping Half Up-do
   Need a classy easy half up-do to kick start your mornings? Read how below!
• Brush your hair back gently or middle part and then take a small section of your hair above your ear.
• Pin the section of your hair on the other side of the head, across 3/4th of the hair length, using a bobby pin.
• Now take a section of hair above you ear from the opposite side of the head in the same manner and overlap it onto the first section and pin it under the first section with bobby pin across 3/4th of the length.
•Now repeat the steps and create 3-4 overlapping effects as shown in the picture and you are done!

2. Inverted Bun
   Fancy a neatly done classy bun? Try this 3 min bun!
• Brush your hair back thoroughly and bring it to the middle of your head into a ponytail.
• Single tie your hair into a pony tail (higher, the better) and in the second tie instead flipping the hair all way leave some hair at the bottom and flip the outside edges of your ponytail facing upwards.
• With your finger part your hair in the middle, close to ponytail and create a deep pocket.
• Dig and put all your hair in the ponytail in the pocket and secure it with bobby pins.


3. Headband tuck
    Bring your A-game to work with this easy and boho-chic hairstyle!
• Place a headband on your forehead going down to your head.
• Bring the end of your hair together in your hands and tuck them at the back of your headband.
• Now roll the hair into the headband towards your face until it is rolled around completely and tightly and you are done!

4. Hair-tuck
Haven’t got any time on your hands? Try this one which requires no styling and no efforts at all and still makes you look  ultra chic! 😀
• Brush through your hair, middle part and let them fall evenly around your face.
• Now throw a jacket or a scarf with hair tucked under the jacket/scarf with a few strands plumbing around your face and you are good to go!

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