4 HUDA beauty products you must have!

The brand that is quite the rage right now between girls and women across all ages is the HUDA beauty line known for its amazing products that were launched by its eponymous founder Huda Kattan in 2013. Since then, she has revolutionized the world of beauty and makeup with her products that aim to dazzle and impress. Here we have a list of four HUDA beauty products that are a must-have in every girl’s make up kit.

1-Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette – This is the product for your eyes. A range of matte, shimmery finish and signature 3D metal shadows that dress up your eyelids for any occasion, this product comprises of 18 different shades that complement your every look, this palette has been crafted with care to ensure that the colors blend beautifully on your skin and are talc free. Long lasting and buildable eyeshadow shades, this is the product that you were looking for.
Price – $65

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2-Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – An effortless, simple and elegant take on the liquid lipstick, Huda Beauty’s product delivers what it promises. Easy to apply, long lasting and available in various luscious colors, it’s a lightweight lipstick that hydrates your lips and stays on without becoming flaky and seeming chapped. Transition from day to night easily with the different chic shades. Our best picks, Trophy Wife, Cheerleader, Bikini Babe and Material Girl.
Price – $20

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3-Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette – One of their signature products, the highlighter palette has been in demand ever since it was launched. With a perfect combination of two textures and four colors, it contours and highlights skin like a pro. Replete with the four shades called Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti, and Zanzibar, this is contouring made easy with its flawless creamy composition and the way it blends onto your skin providing the perfect highlight.
Price – $45

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4-Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation – Available in 30 different gorgeous shades and of a rich, velvet-like composition, this Huda Beauty product promises full long lasting coverage and delivers. A light liquid foundation that does wonders to your skin and hides all the blemishes and marks that you wish to cover up, it leaves a perfect matte like effect and does not leave behind an oily or flaky sheen. Light and breathable, it makes your skin look flawless and perfect with just one application.
Price – $40

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