5 Reasons Why Stretching Before and After Exercise Is a Must

Hello, wonderful people of the world, let’s play a quick game of Q&A, shall we?

How many of you devote an integral part of your time towards exercise and fitness? And the crowd goes, Yes!

Now, how many of you devote your time stretching before and after exercise? And the response might not be very enthusiastic.

As we know and experience first hand how fitness and exercise are taking a pivotal role in our lifestyle day by day, however, we often tend to overlook the one key element during exercise: stretching.

We tend to associate the idea of stretching with athletes and gymnasts, not regular exercise, it is a common error of judgment, as important, it is for athletes so for us.

So, let’s look at some of the reasons why it is necessary to stretch before and after your workout.


1. Relax those muscles
Working out with stressed stiff muscles is not advisable to any length, before doing heavy workout and exercise, stretch a little keep those muscles relaxed and you won’t ever experience stiffness.

2. No soreness
Our muscles undergo a tremendous transformation during the process of workout, to experience sore and tenderness is natural during this ordeal. Doing a bit of stretch before workout soothes the soreness.

3. Prevents injury
Nobody likes to get hurt, especially during exercise. A little stretch before exercise improves body movement and decreases resistance in your muscles, your muscle coordination improves before you start your usual workout routine.

4. Feel the energy
When you stretch, the blood flow upsurge which gets you pumped up, stretching basically is a nourishment for your muscles, it amp ups the blood flow to the brain and gets you all energised.

5. Wake your body up
It is not only your muscles but your brain gets more active with stretching, before a heavy workout it is important to be alert and on point, stretching improves concentration and muscle coordination and you will definitely feel good.


Post workout

1. No cramps
Post workout cramps are the worst! All those heavy workout routine makes your body dehydrate and muscles sore. Stretching thus comes to an aid at this time, it helps regain blood flow, reduces the pain and cramp. And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Lactic acid
Lactic acid builds up in your muscles during workout and exercise, it makes your muscles tired, sore and causes pain and uneasiness. While you stretch the build gets eliminated and relaxes your body.

3. Flexibility
We all know by now that stretching plays an important role in body flexibility, with a flexible body you would be able to do exercise more effectively and it applies same to the post-workout process. It helps you regain flexibility.

4. More blood flow to your body
With your body producing lactic acid which causes stiffness and cramping in the muscles, your body needs the blood flow in those strained muscles after the workout, stretching regulates blood flow and supplies oxygen in your body.

5. You feel at ease
Post workout stretch not only helps you physically but it has an effect on your psyche. Stretching can relax your mind, improve the coordination between your mind and body and makes you feel good in general.

Remember a little warm up can lead you a long way before exercise. Stay healthy, stay fit!


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