Boost your hair growth using these 5 add-ons to your shampoo!

Researchers prove that 8 out of every 10 women are obsessed with their hair and if you inquire them regarding their hair fall, they be like “Hair fall is worse than break up”. Hair fall is one of the serious issues faced by many nowadays due to various reasons like pollution, stress, an effect of chemicals etc. The scenario of this in youth has reached an extent that it’s often leading to their depression and mental stress as well.

The fact is that, due to technology, development, and  modernisation we almost forgot the natural ingredients that were used by our grandparents in their no-shampoo times and irony is, despite heaping our hair with chemical-laden shampoos, we repeatedly complain about hair fall, dry hair, slow hair growth, dandruff and other ‘n’ number of hair problems.

No one can deny the fact that we’re running out of time and find it almost impossible to use natural elements instead of shampoo, we can at least go for semi-natural DIY shampoos ’cause “Something is better than nothing” and that something in this context means these five natural ingredients you can add to your shampoo to boost your hair growth and treat your hair problems as well. Have a glance at these 5 supernatural shampoo add-ons!

1. Aloe Vera

If you comment a plant as versatile, that must be aloe vera.It is a succulent which is found all over the world and almost in every house especially in India. Being a succulent, its leaves are thick and contain a good amount of water along with plenty of nutrients. Besides, it also contains antioxidants and possesses anti-bacterial properties. Hence it is used greatly in the fields of beauty, health, and hair care.This is the reason for which every shampoo advertisement can’t stop mentioning aloe vera in its list of components.

This super succulent treats dandruff which leads to dryness, flaking, and itching and also protects the hair from damage. All you have to do is take a teaspoon of freshly extracted aloe vera gel and add it to two spoons of your shampoo. And then you’re ready to use it as a DIY Aloe Vera shampoo which you’ll fall in love with just after using a couple of times.

The thing with aloe is, it works well for any hair type. If you have a dry hair, this helps you reduce frizziness. If you have greasy or oily hair, aloe helps you clean the pores clogged with dirt, dead skin and hair oil most of the times.Moreover, aloe vera also soothes the hair just like it does to the skin. It moisturizes your hair and makes it look silkier and bouncier than ever!


Honey is just the same to your hair as your mom is to you. Isn’t it weird? Yes, it is. But it exactly does the same job. Just like your mom wakes you up every single day, honey wakes up every sleeping hair follicle and boosts your hair growth to a great extent.

Organic honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes it so preferable and reliable to use in foods. Same is the case with the health of hair. Honey helps you restore the natural moisture, kills bacteria and treats microbial infections on the scalp and keeps the scalp and hair healthy.

Mix half tablespoon of honey to 2 tablespoons of your shampoo. Stir well, shampoo your hair and rinse it thoroughly. But, there’s a thing to keep in mind. Regular usage of honey may lighten the hair. So avoid using it too frequently and pay some care and attention to observe the result in order to know the required usage frequency for your hair type!

3.Lemon juice

Lemon juice is not just an ingredient in your favorite lemonade. It is also an amazing element that adds a lot to your hair conditioning. The little yellow juicy fruit has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that clear dandruff which is the major hair problem among people of every age group.Its rich in Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids which act as natural exfoliating agents.

The ancient Egyptians used lemon as a shampoo to remove grease and dirt from hair. It contains citric acid which acts as a natural clarifying agent. It majorly helps oily hair by removing excess oil from the same.The acidic property present in it flattens cuticles and brings out the shine.It possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well, thereby soothing irritation.

Just add one teaspoon of diluted lemon juice to a spoon of your shampoo and it uses twice a week to get lemon like the golden gloss and shine to your hair. The citrus aroma is refreshing and keeps you pleasant along with treating your lifeless hair and leaving your hair super soft and clean too!



Almost all of us aware of the skin and health benefits of rosewater.But another surprising thing about rose water is that it gives stunning results when it comes to your hair too. The characteristic feature of rosewater is that it restores the pH balance of your hair and scalp.It also repairs damaged and dry hair.Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in reducing scalp inflammation and soothing the scalp from infections that affect both hair and scalp.It promotes hair growth as well.

Add one tablespoon of rosewater(preferably organic) to two tablespoons of your shampoo, stir well and shampoo your hair with it regularly to relieve all your hair problems.However, you can use rosewater in other multiple ways too. You can add this to your coconut oil before oiling your hair or liquefy with your shampoo to use it as a hair rinse. In all the above-mentioned ways, a regular follow up will give sooner and fruitful results.


Amla is a deciduous tree usually found in India and Nepal.This is also known an Indian gooseberry and is very effective in treating hair problems.Many people have the problem of gray hair and they try one or the other treatment spending thousands of rupees and ending up with no result. This supernatural ingredient is believed to have the property of reversing gray hair along with thickening the hair adding shine and volume to it.It also treats dandruff and scalp problems.More importantly, it stimulates hair follicles to make hair grow stronger, faster, healthier and problem-free!

Amla can be added to your shampoo in a very simple way. Stir the half tablespoon of amla juice in two tablespoons of your regular shampoo, use it to shampoo your hair and rinse well.Do this twice a week for good results.Amla powder can also be used instead.You can also apply it’s paste directly to your scalp, its no harm.It reduces hair fall and gives your hair perfect health and thickness as it is one of the best herbal conditioners known!

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