5 things to know before getting haircut!

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life!

A hair cut is necessary to turn your bad hair day into a good hair day. But getting wrong haircut make you feel cry and kill your hairstylist.

To avoid these kind of feelings you should know 5 things before getting haircut!

1- Know your face shape – According to your face shape, you should choose your hair cut.

2- Know your hair texture– You should know which haircut will look good with your curly hair or straight hair.

3- Ask yourself are you really ready for new look. 

4- Know your lifestyle– Because a good hair need time for manage, so choose your hair cut according to your hairstyle.

5- Mind make up realistic expectation not a fairy tale expectation– It’s not necessary that you will get celebrity look after similar hair cut. So keep your expectation realistic.

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Till our next post stay sexy stay beautiful. <3

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