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Are you worrying about your hair? Stop worrying, Here are some tips for beautiful hair:

Now a days many ladies suffer from hair fall, hair dryness and loss of shining. Cause of such problem is not getting proper nutrients and irregular blood circulation. The veins of head swells because of heat, pollution and tension; which result in improper blood circulation. All these reasons led to dry and dead hair.

To keep your hair healthy you need to have proper blood circulation. Best option for that is to get a relaxing hair spa.

What is hair spa

Hair spa is a treatment which converts dead, dry hair into soft and beautiful hair.  Nowadays you’ve got a lot of options to choose from (advance hair spa, aroma hair spa etc). With a good 10-15 minutes massage at hair spa your blood circulation rate increase considerably and the hair masque applied after the massage replenishes all missing nutrients of your hair.

A nice massage should be followed by steam for at-least 8-10 minutes, this will ensure your hair absorb the masque to make them smoother and silkier than before. After steam wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair.

STEP 1: Hair Massage

Hair Spa Selfie

Applying cream along with hair massage


STEP 2: Taking Steam


Steam at hair spa selfie

STEP 3: Hair Wash (Didn’t clicked a pic 🙂


After Hair Spa Selfie

If you get hair spa regularly it would help in maintaining of softness of your hair. It also decreases hair fall significantly.

Healthy Hair at Beach

How to do hair spa at home

If getting a hair spa at a salon is feeling costly, then you can easily replicate the experience at home. Just heat a small amount of oil (Choose between olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil).

Apply warm oil with cotton on scalp and do massage. It’ll increase blood circulation. After massage wrap hot towel on your head, if you have a steamer at home, then use it to take steam for 10 minutes. After this shampoo your hair with conditioner.

Once you’ve clean hair , make hair pack [ Egg + curd + lemon juice] to create a masque. Egg provides protein to your hair and make them healthy. Curds give essential nutrients and lemon juice gives you a healthy scalp. After 20-30min wash your hair again with your choice of shampoo+conditioner. Do this once in a week and you’ll start seeing difference in softness and beauty of your hair.

“Hair is reflection of your beauty” go and take good care of your hair.

Healthy Hair



To sum up benefits of hair Spa:-

  • Hair spa relax our head muscles.
  • Hair spa gives nutrients and increases the rate of blood circulation.
  • Hair spa helps in maintaining soft and shiny hair.
  • People who get hair straightening and coloring should get hair spa at least once in every 15 days.
  • It also helps in decreasing the rate of hair fall.

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