5 Travelling Outfit ideas inspired by Alia Bhatt!

Travelling is always fun ,who didn’t like go on a road trip or just travel state to state ,exploring new things . There has been always a confusion what to wear  while travelling , because you want to pose for your selfies too . So this article  is for those people who love to travel in a fashionable way.

I don’t understand people that dress like slobs on planes while sitting “comfort.” I think you can be stylish and still comfortable. I’m not advocating for high heels and three-piece suits when I tell people to dress up for a flight, I’m just asking you to ditch the pyjama pants . There’s a difference between looking sloppy and rocking leisurewear . Combining something form fitting with something loose or more breathable is also a good balance between comfy and stylish. 

Although the kind of  promotions are film star do , they travel everyday ,one state to another . Our favourite star who always keep her style game on , is Alia bhatt. If you observe the kind of clothes she choose to wear is always comfortable. , we too couldn’t conduct our usual promotional style game on the actress’ outings. I did make this one observation and I’d like to credit Alia for this particular trend that she created simply  Amazing.  Alia bhatt has impeccable fashion choices.

With the help of lightweight layers, functional carry-ons, and comfortable-yet-chic footwear, these style-cute diva ,  Alia bhatt  have mastered the art of fashionable travel dressing. Keep reading to see how to dress up while planning a trip .

1- Get the Flares look-

Remember what I said about ventilation friendly clothes. Its always comfortable when you choose a flare dress to wear, it’s doesn’t waste your time about pairing and they are loose , doesn’t stick to your body in summers . Opt for bright colours ,they look much more attractive.

Red ruffle mini dress
Lace shrug

2- Embrace that little girl in you

Boyfriend jeans are best, with comfort being the key and a certain something being a statement accessory. Alia’s style is so likable. This sure gonna inspire you.

Boyfriend jeans with blouse shirt!


3- Go for this super comfy palazzo look-

Dressing up in palazzo while travelling, is always a good idea. They bare light and comfortable and though look so elegant. Alia  made it a trendsetter .

Regular fit maroon palazzo with body blouse

4- Go for ethnic look- 

Dressing up in Indian outfit can never go out of style . Even Alia proof you can look much more pretty and beautiful , I can’t deny that they are the most comfortable and sophisticated.

Pakistani suit

5- Go for Boho look- 

While travelling , you can always choose to wear a maxi dress ,they are long ,does flare all over your body and you can team up with jacket.

Check here- Maxi dress & Denim jacket

Mostly Alia ditch high heeled stilettos which kill your toes and wear cute comfortable shoes with all her dresses. It was her style charts to dress up in comfortable clothes . She is every girl favourite .With comfort being the key and a certain something being a statement accessory, her style is so likable.  Alia Bhatt  has been always  sporting some really cool shoes as part of her fashion outing, unlike the usual fancy pair of footwear!


You can check some metallic footwear option here. – Metallic footwear- Trend alert!

Don’t let your outfit stress you out,  I always get influence by her style game and I am sure now you are too !!

Featured image credit – Vogue

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