Your kick start to a healthy diet!


we all need have started a diet secretly and stashed it down the bin without even trying and sometimes we did try to follow our charts but gave up just like be clear let me tell you dieting is not supposed to be a physical torture that you torment yourself with.

It is never about starving yourself and eating a piece of the green at the end. Dieting is about healthy eating it is to feed the needs of your body and restore all that they give you during the day. It is all about the proportion and the composition of food you take in. so first let’s toss the idea of torturing yourself and let’s take it low one step at a time.

Nutritional needs vary depending on your sex, size, age and activity levels so it’s a different need for different people.


Kick-start your metabolism by including protein at breakfast, choose from eggs, salmon, lean ham or dairy. We burn more calories digesting protein rather than carbs so, by making your breakfast a protein one, you’ll be boosting up your metabolism and because protein keeps you fuller for longer, you’ll eat fewer calories the rest of the day.

A protein breakfast needn’t take any longer to prepare – top your morning toast with a scrambled egg, a slice of smoked salmon or some lean ham and when you do have a little more time enjoy an omelet and if you are a full on vegan you can have your toast with a peanut spread or soya or simply go for cereals.

Whatever you do don’t skip breakfast as this sets your blood sugar off on a roller coaster, which means you’ll end up choosing the wrong foods later in the day. Remember breakfast makes an important contribution towards your daily intake and it plays a key role in maintaining a healthy weight.

2- Mid-morning snack

Yes, you heard it right. Mid-morning snacks can actually help you stay on your diet. It is better preferred to having mini meals during the day. It’s a way of spreading the needs of your body into small meals. Swap your morning biscuits for oatcake spread with peanut or almond nut butter and a banana or have a tasty dip with veggie sticks.


Make lunch a mix of lean protein and starchy carbs. Carb-rich foods supply energy and without them you’re more likely to fall stuffed or gluttony which makes you want to take a nap which is a big no. The key is to choose carbs that produce a steady rise in blood sugar, which means passing on the sugary foods and going for high fiber whole-grains which help you manage those afternoon munchies.

Opt for an open rye-bread sandwich topped with salmon, chicken or low-fat dairy as well as plenty of salad or choose whole-grain toast topped with baked beans.


Satisfy that sweet craving and the need for energy with fruit. A handful of dried fruit combined with unsalted nuts or seeds, provides protein and healthy fats to keep you satisfied till supper.

Swap your chocolate or cereal bar for a handful of dried apple rings with a few almonds or walnuts. Dried fruit is four times as sweet as its fresh equivalent – which is great if you’ve got an exercise class or a gym session planned for the afternoon. Combining dried fruit with nuts helps stabilize the release of their sugars keeping you energized for longer.



Don’t go for carbs during the night they’re low in fat, fiber-rich and help you relax in the evening. Combine them with some healthy essential fats the ones you find in oily fish like salmon as well as nuts, seeds and their oils. Your body can use these healthy fats overnight for regeneration and repair, which is important for maintaining healthy skin and hair.
Fill half your plate with a colorful variety of vegetables or salad, drizzle with a dressing made from flax seed or rapeseed oil and add meat, fish or beans with brown rice.

For any of the meal it’s better to go for fresh veggies and fruits. It’s advised to carry a fruit wherever you go. So dieting or healthy eating is not getting your hands cuffed. It’s just the store-bought packets of potato chips and other crunchy stuff that has to go. It’s preferred that you stock up your shelves with those instead always flood the table with fresh fruits and make it a habit.


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