5 ways of Styling your slogan Tee!

We live in the world of opinions and nowadays women had their strong opinions over things . So it’s not surprising that even your t-shirt has something to say. Everyone is eager to speak their minds and the slogan tees are like tattoo. The Idea of wearing your attitude to a whole new level .

Fashion has the power to communicate and let your style say . A simple wearable clothes acts as slate to express your thoughts ,your ideology , this is from where the idea of slogan tee come up in by our designers and various brands .

From Women empowerment to political statement text tees is the new style sensation like the Dior embraced text teed designer.

Let Your Comfort rules conquer the world

T-shirt always fuss your time little and they can carry by irrespective of age or gender . These are some styling code of t-shirts

1- Stick to basic –

Keep the style basic , keep your mind and body free with cropped t-shirt or full t-shirt .The Whole badge and pins craze and make it truly your own.Wear the classic blue denim or with frayed details .Personalise with brooches or pins.


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2- T-shirt dress –

A T-shirt Dress is a great pick for summer vacy .Choose embroider or patch work . You can also wear  XXL t-shirt as t-shirt dress , the loose the better . Using a broad belt over an over sized t-shirt can give your t-shirt dress a different look .     

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T-shirt Dress :- T shirt dress.

3-Let Your style communicates your Ideology –

Many fashion houses like Dior , Versace , Chanel and Gucci have revised their timeless logo fixation on the classic crew neck T-shirt .Pick tees with political and social statement .The typography must be basic , making the message the focus point. Pair your slogan t-shirt with designer sneakers or hand printed ones .       

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4-Teaming Up the Correct :-

You can wear your brother’s t-shirt too . Just wear your over sized t-shirt with denim shorts or fishnets stocking and boots , it surely make head turns .

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Our famous bollywood celebrities are totally rocking this new trend like Alia bhatt ‘s Gaurav Gupta T-shirt top is the focal point of her outfit , Deepika Padukone wears a Dior tee and skirt  , Sonakshi Sinha recreates a grunge look by wearing a choker with graphic tee .


T-shirt with vintage logo are back from 90’s .During this hot summer days where monsoon comes only in days hypothetically though , ladies keep your comfort rules over everything , t-shirt comes in different fabrics as per choice and totally fits and can style too . Besides  Slogan tees ,emoji tees are also big trend talk about wearing your mind and your mood .

So what are you waiting for ?  So What’s in your mind is on you Body. It’s Your Tee Time  !!!!!

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