The creators of the VERSATYL Travel & Bomber Jacket are back with yet another creation as unique as its predecessors! Saneen Javali, the brain behind the very successful Versatyl Travel Jacket breaks another record by launching one of the World’s lightest multi-utility jackets. When we are shopping for jackets, usually the first thing we check is its weight. If we feel burdensome and bulky walking around in it, we let it go. Then, we move on to check the material, its style, its utility and then the price. Well, all of these elements are perfectly blended to form FEATHER. Like it literally weighs just 179 grams!

As you may already know by now, VERSATYL is the brain child of an ex-IBM engineer based in Bengaluru. The Versatyl have already launched two of their super cool and so-in-demand jackets earlier, which thousands of customers have laid their hands on. This is the third most unique jacket designed by the versatile artisans of Versatyl; it has been finely crafted keeping in mind the need of the hour; the market demand; the features clientele are looking for; and the perfect way to mix all these elements and conjure a product that has full utility, is tempting and irresistible.

This jacket is light as air and can be folded to fit in the compact little pouch that comes with it. Laced out of synthetic fabric that is not only light weight but also fine to wear, it consists of a hoodie and a front pocket making it perfect for daily use. Its external shell is imported from Korea and is water resistant to light rain.

This jacket can be sported anywhere, anytime. It can be used as comfort clothing while travelling, trekking, running, or working out in the gym. It is resistant to drizzle so don’t worry if you’re out biking in the on-set of monsoon. It can be styled in a way that is appropriate for office as well as super cool for the movies or a casual day out with your friends. And since it comes in three alluring colors, you can get all three of them to suit the place or occasion.

They also have special prices, group discounts and early bird prices. So what do you think you’re waiting for? Pre-order your FEATHER right now!

In the form of smart clothing just like these, more creative and unique jackets are up on the line, including their next, world’s most useful Travel Jacket with Air Conditioning. Stay tuned to VERSATYL for more exciting products. Keep tabs on this place for more engrossing content.


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