The new Versatyl Bomber jacket- 100% waterproof with 32 Features!

After three successful campaigns of Versatyl Travel jacket and an insane amount of pre-orders that has been flooding, the 32 features, 20 pockets Versatyl Bomber Jacket is here.

Well, I personally think it has got back on roads at the right time. Whether you’re traveling across the world or just going on a fun trip, you should be able to take all your belongings with you. And what if I told you could carry all your travel needs in just a jacket?


The fueladream team has initiated a fund-raiser to create awareness on this versatly bomber jacket among everyone. This jacket is no more a need but a must for all the biker girls/guys who let their mind wander and travel through light and dawn.

Crowdfunding has taken lead and is helping funders to raise money for this initiative by giving their share. And fueladream has set up this platform in India that is allowing pooling of funds. Through them you can fund innovations & share your ideas and see them come alive and be used by everyone. You can also fund the ideas of others and help them launch their products which will make life easier for us. Your part needn’t only be about funding but you can also help them by sharing it through other Medias and make people aware

The Versatly jacket was an idea initiated by an ex-IBM engineer who started a garment manufacturing firm based out of the startup capital of India – Bengaluru. The VERSATYL can hold anything and everything. This jacket will be your home during all your journeys holding everything in place and help you feel at home. And this jacket is 100% Seam Sealed Waterproof and Windproof.

This product is recognized as one of the top crowdfunded campaigns taking place currently and the funds have been flouring in a very little amount of time. The campaign has already been focused in the Medias and has been spreading like wild-fire among people. Some of the famous newspapers like Times of India, economic Times, daily hunt, Indian express have already done a feature on this versatly jacket that people have been obsessing over.


Saneen Javali the creator of this versatly jacket was deep in his thoughts looking for something that he could give the people who were both comfortable and less pricey as he noticed most of the jackets on sale were beyond their wallets. He then, drew his imagination of wanting to create a jacket that could go with people of varied travel interests like aircraft, boat, bike or even trekking. He wanted to give something to the people who left their seats wanting to explore what’s on the outside and get the best of life.

Once the idea was brought to light, it caught people’s eyes like fire. “The VERSATYL Travel Jacket has now become India’s most crowd funded apparel with over 2000 Pre-Orders from all across the world which saw them raise around 4 millions INR in span of just few months”.

The versatyl jacket has already received more than a thousand pre orders at a very less expensive price. They also offered early bird offers which raised the vibe higher. The campaign has been a huge success for now and the traveler friendly jacket is highly trending.


The jacket comes in three colors and has amazing features which was given much care focusing on each need of a traveler. This project was to encourage each traveler out there to go explore and live the life it should be. So every bikers and explorers out there, this is your day. Live it your way. PRE ORDER YOUR VERSATYL BOMBER JACKET. 

With more and more Innovative and Unique products in line such as their next launch which are World’s most lightest Jacket and World’s most useful Travel Jacket with Air conditioning, VERSATYL has surely become an attention grabber and is taking India to a different level in terms of smart clothing.


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    Nice post thanks for sharing.

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thanks Jassica. 🙂

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