7 Beauty trends that defined 2017

The year 2017 brought some bizarre and quirky beauty trends along with it. From holographic makeups, outlandish hairstyles, inexplicable eyebrows to nose hair extension, it is safe to say that we have seen it all this year.

Now with 2018 almost knocking at the door let’s reminisce some of the most popular beauty trends that defined the year 2017 for us.

1-Unique eyebrows

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For some reason, eyebrows have undergone through extensive transformation and have stayed on top of the trending charts throughout the year. Breaking free from the traditional norms, beauty gurus turned normal eyebrow lines to feathery, squiggly, sharp, crown and what not.

I think it is safe to say, 2017 has been a year of brows. However, it would be great to leave some of these eyebrow trends with this year.

2-Natural Skin Tone

While contouring and highlights shook the beauty industry back in 2015-16, this year was all about embracing the natural characteristic of skin. When Pop star Rihanna introduced her makeup line Fentybeauty to the world, featuring foundation shade for every skin tone possible everyone was ready to embrace it.

The trend of Natural skin tone encouraged people to appreciate their own skin and we hope that this trend is here to stay.

3-Lavish acrylic nails

Expensive manicure is a no strange concept in the world of beauty. So, when extended, sharp and shiny nails appeared upfront, the world embraced it. Packed with diverse colour, shapes, and design, acrylic nails were spotted frequently on social platforms this year.

4-Magnetic eyelashes

Who doesn’t love inky black long eyelashes? It is the messy preparation part that dulls the idea of achieving this look, so to free the miserable souls from all the eyelash mess the make up gods invented the magnetic eyelashes this year. Stick the fake magnetic lash between your eyelashes and voila! You are done.

With mixed reviews, we cannot say for sure if this trend of 2017 was a hit or miss.

5-Glossed eyes and Lips

If you thought dry matte lip was here to stay for decades, 2017 surely proved it wrong. This year shiny glossed lip made a huge comeback. Not only lips but glossed eye look created quite the sensation this year. From deeply pigmented colours to shiny holographic lips and eyes, you have seen it all, right?

6-The Unkempt waves

The hair trend of 2017 was all about keeping it natural and easy to attain, which is why loose messy waves have hit the hair trend charts this year. Easy and comfortable, the unkempt hair has been everyone’s favourite hair trend.

7-Colour Changing hair

Probably one of the coolest hair trends so far in 2017, colour changing allows you to add that extra little funk with your hair colour. This hair dye changes according to the temperature set on them, for instance, if you blow dry you cotton pink hair they could turn into minty green and it looks absolutely magical.

Colour changing hair dye open up massive opportunities for the future of the industry and we’ll just have wait and see how this trend turns into a revolution.

So, there you have it, which one is your favourite trend of the year? And which trends do you think had the most impact on this year and which ones should be left behind with the year 2017?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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