Tips to rock the saree lookbook according to your body type!

Sari (also Saree or Shari) is one of the oldest, Aesthetic and traditional outfits that gives a royal look for the one who wears it. It consists of a drape that varies from 5-9 yards. History says that sari originated from Indus valley civilization and was initially made of cotton, followed by which silk and other materials came in. From historical evidence, we can see that the colours of the sari have been Indigo, lac, red madder, and turmeric yellow. These historic colours give an organic look, thus portraying the person wearing to be naturally blended.

For example, next time when you go to a shop try purchasing sari of any material of one of those colours mentioned above and drape it you will feel the difference in your look irrespective of your skin colour.

Skin Tone

While talking about your skin tone, it is very important to match your sari colour with your skin tone.

Dark tone: Avoid wearing bright colours like yellow, orange, magenta etc. Make sure the sari has less glitter, shimmy works though it will give you a grand look it goes along with your body and looks thus making sari overpower your looks.

Dusky women can wear beautifully embroidered sarees of blending colours like white, ochre, cream, cobalt moist green etc. Silk saris of colours mauve, cobalt blue, and beige with broad borders will give a significant look. Even garden sarees with mixed colours will give an attractive happy look.

Indian wheat tone: Women of this type will look elegant in silk and cotton sarees. Cotton sarees of colour cobalt blue, emerald green, mustard yellow, maroon, gold and grey with thin or broad borders draped perfectly portraying your body shape will give a sexy ethnic look. Even Kancheepuram/Mysore silk sarees enriched with embroidery can be worn on special occasions. Take a look at amazons amazing collection of Kancheepuram silk sarees.

Perfect saree for a tall dusky woman

Fair tone: Bright colour sarees will go with their skin tone and enhance their look. Fabric, Khadi, sarees with shimmy works, sarees with embroidery will match perfectly. Even dark shades can be accessed by fair tone women. Chiffon and georgette sarees are recommended.

Height and body shape

It is also very important to consider the height and body shape of oneself while choosing saree. The material, style, prints etc differs for every body’s appearance.

For Tall women: Tall slim women have a wide range of options. Sarees with heavy borders, bold colours, and large prints can be worn. Cotton sarees, raw silk sarees of bold colours, horizontal or vertical prints with the blouse having printed works will give a glam ethnic look. Sheer sarees of light colour with the blouse of contrasting bold colour with light embroidery work will give a sexy look.

For short women: Such women must choose sarees with light borders and vertical prints. Shimmer, pure silk, georgette sarees are perfect for them. Half hand blouses with thin prints will give a pretty look. Cotton sarees can be avoided.

While considering your body shape make sure you wear the saree accordingly.

1. Women who appear fat be confident in wearing a saree in a proper way. Avoid large paisleys, leave the pallu hanging, and wear long blouses with half or three fourth hand. Prefer soft cotton, georgette, crepe-de-chine. On special occasions to look grand try wearing jackets with beautiful embroidery works and drape the saree around it in a fashionable manner.

2. Fit/thin women who have a toned body can go in for any type of saree. If you want to flaunt your structure go in for sheer type/ georgette saree with lacework confidently with a backless blouse. Different kinds of draping a saree can be done on toned body structure.

I personally like the Kerala white saree with flower printed three fourth hand backless blouse, draped fittingly. Try looking at kerala type sarees at a very reasonable rate on amazon.

Image result for kerala white saree

I adore all kinds of sarees and way of wearing it. It is the only outfit that gives you both ethnic and glam look. It defines your personality, so while wearing a saree make sure your look is perfect. Choose the right accessories according to your saree and face makeup should blend with your saree type and colour. I personally prefer to wear thin anklets and pencil heel/ ethnic flat footwear while wearing a saree.

Next time you go out wearing a saree, let your saree speak.

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    Honestly I used to think Saris are really incompatible with how I look. I never had confidence to pull it off but I really grew into it. After reading these tips, I am assured women of all sizes can look beautiful in saris. Loved reading it. Thank you.

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      Ragamalika Murali

      Thanks a lot. Hope you enjoy wearing sarees.

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    Lakshmi Vittal

    Saree is more traditional wear for any festival or auspicious celebrations in India. Infact every women in India loves Sarees however modern and trendy they are. Saree is symbol of elegance and homely look. This is one of the beautiful article i read on Sarees. Thanks for the post.

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