6 Things to do in Goa if you are here for New Year celebration!

Sun, sand and sea, Goa is a haven for the travelers, wanderers, thrill seekers and the hippies within us. Brimming with activities, each corner of Goa pulsates with the rhythm of the music, laughter, and spirit of everybody who throngs its shores. Curated for you below is a list of things to see, taste and experience the best of Goa. So don’t tarry, get, set go.

1-Get yourself an adrenaline rush – Indulge in a variety of sports that’ll keep you at the edge of thrill and enthusiasm. Beginning from parasailing to snorkeling, zip lining to jet skiing and surfing, with the unforgettable banana boat ride, get your share of fun without any limits. A taste of adventure and an adrenaline rush is what these promise.

2-Dance under the stars all night – Grab a beer, put on your dancing shoes and make your way to one of the local hotspots; be it Club Cubana, Dream Catcher or Tito’s Pub. The best places to loose, you’ll have a taste of the true blue Goan nightlife and meet people from all corners of the world. Make the best of the open air bars where the stars shine down upon you as you have your moments of frivolity.

3-Dig into some mouthwatering local cuisine – Prepared with love and lots of aromatic spices, the local Goan cuisine is delectable and flavorsome. As you venture into the heart of Goa, you’ll discover some of the most incredible dishes that stem from the humblest of ingredients. Do not miss out on the Pork Vindaloo doled out in generous portions or the Prawn Curry and finish off your meal with a sweet note as you dig into the famous Bebinca. Viva Panjim and Britto’s dish out some of the most mouth-watering dishes, so that’s where you should head to.

4-Shop till you drop – Filled to the hilt with boutiques and vintage shops catering to every fashionista’s palate, Goa is a mecca for shoppers on a budget and even for those looking to pick up curios and souvenirs. From kitschy to trending, glamorous to simplistic, they have it all. When you’re hopping from one market to the other, do venture into the Saturday Night Market at Arpora. Complemented with delicious food and soulful music, there is nothing like the vibe at the market which says free will and free spirit like it does.

5-Say hello to some aquatic friends – Natives of Goa, you’ll witness some of our fine marine companions as they flip in and out of the sea. Amidst picturesque landscapes and lush green flora, spotting dolphins become a fun activity because it is accompanied by a cruise. As the cruise takes you to Varca, feel the wind in your hair and feast your eyes on the beauty of the animals and birds that make Goa uniquely diverse. Don your binoculars and go spotting.

6-Traipse all over Goa in your true tourist sense – Presenting some of the finest examples of architectural beauty, the churches and monuments of Goa deserve a mention in all the tourist handbooks. Be it the manmade edifices or the natural wonders, taking a walk through all of them is taking in the true culture and history of the place. Begin from the Ruins of Cabo De Rama and go on till the Basilica of Bom Jesus which is a UNESCO mentioned church. As you walk, treat yourself to the delicious treats prepared by the local vendors in and around the niches of Goa.

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