New Year celebration : Beach party vs Disco party

“Keep calm and have a beach party.”

Hola Guys!
How are you all doing? How did your New Year celebration go?
Well for me 2015 ended with endless amount of partying, be it my happening time at Sunburn or New Year’s beach party  at Candolim Beach. 😀

After dancing my ass off at Sunburn, dance bug got more of me and I decided to welcome 2016 by some more dancing at some disc in Goa. So, I searched for a most lively and topnotch disc of Goa to get myself in, only later to realize this is not how I want to spend New Year’s Eve. Yes you read it right! I ditched a Disc for a more serene and peaceful yet happening celebration at a Beach. A little detail about my day, my friends and I decided to go Baga Beach to start our celebration but the ambience there had us turn our way. Baga beach is considered to be the most sophisticated beach on busy days or certain occasions it always gets hotchpotch with a crowd you just can’t celebrate your day with. So we went straight to my favorite beach, Candolim Beach. We danced, boozed and celebrated our New Year like never before. 😀

Now you must be thinking I am a nutter to ditch the disc. 😀 But in this post I will tell you why while in Goa you should rather celebrate New Year’s at beach than a disc.

1. First, beaches are not over crowded. They have ample of space for everyone than a disc where it’s always crowded on New Year’s eve and if Holy Lord! you left your place to dance or get drinks at a disc, you would never be able to get a place to sit.


2. Partying at beach will never burn a hole in your pocket. While partying at disc come with paying insanely high prices which go as high as 20k for a couple entry, at a beach you don’t have to spend that much and you get best of the celebration with great food, varieties of alcohols and all that comparatively reasonable prices. Win-win! 😀

3. Dress-up! You know how we consider wearing highest heel and sexiest dress in our closet when it comes to going to a disc. Well beach saves you from all this trouble. You can just wear a cover-up and still sexiest and sassiest of the lot. 😉 Let them hair flow and groove! 😀


4. All at one place! Where else would you get a crisp combination of fun, food and entertainment? Want best cuisine- Yes! Alcohol at reasonable price- You got it! Varieties of things to keep you entertain- Hell yea! While at a disc you will be stuck with a mundane theme and everything else built around it.

5. Ambience! I am not saying ambience of disc is any way less happening than a beach, but when you have danced continuously for 3 days at a major festival, who would turn down a serene evening with lots of nice people around for welcoming New Year. I will not! 😀



I had a bloody good time celebrating New Year’s at a beach. Tell me in the comment below what would you prefer, Beach or Disc? And also don’t forget to drop in your feedback.

I will be soon with more amazing posts, till next stay sexy stay beautiful.

Love you all. <3

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    La French Connection

    Coming from the French Riviera, I can say: beach parties for sure!

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      Kajal Mishra

      🙂 <3

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