Every day Hacks To Oust Dry Skin In Freezing Winters!

“Is your skin looking dry? Find out how to revive and renew your dry skin.”

Its just the beginning of the winter season and our skin has started to feel super dry already. No one can escape the hassles of dry skin, not even the ones with oily skins because dryness and breakouts come in different types and forms. Mind you if you think this dryness is just because of this freezing wintery atmosphere. This dryness could be caused by so many other things, like excessive use of heaters and blowers, lack of water, improper use of products, wrapping woolen things over your skin and much more. And also it’s just not your facial skin that get affected, your body in whole gets scaly and dry and measures should be taken to remove dryness from all of your body and not just your face and neck.

If you are a victim of dry skin like we are, inculcate these everyday hacks in your routine and see the change in how your skin feels. No need of special product, just a little care.

Banish hot bath/shower!
For the love of God, avoid taking hot bath or shower during this season. We know it’s too cold and you like to cozy up in hot bath but hot baths do more damage than you can possibly think. They remover natural oil and leave the skin scaly and dry. So no hot baths!

Lessen the effect of hot bath? Read here how!
Still if you are addicted to hot bath or anyhow cannot do without a hot bath then we have a hack to lessen its affect. Pour a few drops of oil in your tub or bucket after you have cleaned up and pour it on yourself. This will provide some oil to your flaky body and nourish it. But if you are looking at hair wash then avoid pouring water on your head.

Use Facial Oils for extra care!
Facial oils give skin a little extra that a normal face cream cannot. Along with extra on moisturizing side they are Anti-inflammatory-that calm skin, they have antioxidants- for skin revival and above all they slow down the ageing process occurring sue to lack of natural oil.

Body lotion immediately after bath!
Use body lotion on whole of your body while still in the bathroom immediately after bath. After we bathe, our skin gets moist and steamy and it is the best time to apply body lotion. Just dry up with towel a bit and apply lotion all over your skin.

Use Humidifier!
What are humidifier?- Humidifiers are devices that moist the air in the room or a building.
Why use them?- Central heating system, heater and blowers dry out the air to a level that it levies you with flaky cracked skin. Using a humidifier will moisten the air around you and super hydrate your skin automatically.

Deep moisturizing!
Indulge in deep moisturizing face mask or packs this season and you would thank us after this evil season has passed. Some home-made deep moisturizing packs work as well as ones at spa centers so no use of burning hole in your pocket just google a bit.

Don’t force scarf on your face!
Scarfs, mufflers, caps are necessary for the chilling cold outside but if they irritate your skin don’t force them over your skin. Don’t drape a material that will give you breakouts and redness the next day. Also, always use a fresh, washed scarf or muffler, dirt stuck on them can really be harmful for your skin.

So take care of skin in winter and stay sexy stay beautiful till next post.

Much love. <3

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