Night Skincare Routine to save your sensitive Skin!

“I have very sensitive skin, so I have to care for it properly.”

Hello Angels!
This post is on a very important subject that comes from my retrospection of year 2015. When I look at myself now in 2016, I realize due to excessive travelling, moving outta city, blogging, work I have missed on so many things. One of the things that I ignored the most is my skin care regime, particularly night skin care routine. There were so many sleepless and hectic nights when I just forgot to follow my routine. L But in 2016 I have made a vow to take of my skin like never before. Thus I have come up with a mandatory-to-follow night skin care routine and I thought why not share it with you all! 😀 So here’s the routine, read on and tell me what do you think.

Step 1: Remove Make-up!
The mistake that most of us do is we sleep with our make-up on. For the love of God, if you care about your skin a little don’t ever repeat this mistake again, even a slightest of lipstick on your lips can worsen the quality of your skin. So invest in a good makeup remover and always remove your make-up. I use maybelline clean express makeup remover.


Step 2: Cleanse thine Skin!
If you are not wearing any make-up then cleanse your skin with a good cleanser, but watch out for your skin-type and pick cleanser according to your skin. Cleanser help remove clogged pores and give you clean dirt free skin. Feels fresh no? 😀

Step 3: Toning!
Nowadays a few dermatologists have come up with a theory of not using toner, as they say nothing tones the skin and it’s a myth. But I still love the feel that toner gives my skin and I personally believe that it does tighten your skin. So for me a toner is a must!

Step 4: Eye Cream!
Many of you will ask, why an eye cream? Well ladies there are no oil glands near our eyes, so a good eye cream will help to keep the moisture intact and scare away those dark circles and puffiness. But never ever use a moisturizer as an eye cream, because area near eye is way too delicate, You don’t want your under eye area subjected to blemishes, do you?

Step 5: Blemish Control Cream!
Now if you use any blemish control cream use it at night instead of day, because these creams have ingredient that make your skin sensitive to sun and pollution during day and it can make your skin really flaky. So use it at night and top it off with more moisture in the form of serums and moisturizer.

Step 6: Serums!
I can’t emphasis enough on the importance of serums and wonders that they do to one’s skin. Serums are your best friends when it comes to skin care routine as they repair your skin. There’s a serum for everything! Oil control serums, vitamin serums, whitening serums, repairing serums and what not! Pick the one that counter the skin problem you face and you are good to go! You can also use oil mask or leave in mask for better results and glowing skin.

Step 7: Moisturize!
Like every day care routine, moisturizers are must to end your night care regime. You are going in a state of long no mobility and you need to keep your skin hydrated. What is the better way to do it other than a heavy moisturizer? Go indulge in some heavy moisturizer (light, in case of oily skin) and thank us later! 😀

#Smart-Tip– You can skip some of these steps like a blemish control if your skin is crystal clear, or multiple serums if you don’t need them. But always follow a basic Cleansing- Toning- Moisturizing (C-T-M) routine and you would see for yourself what a wonderful gift you have given to your skin.

Oh! I forgot to share my products name in CTM. Folks! my skin is big fan of artistry skin care products. 🙂 I will share soon “my daily skincare routine” post.



I hope you enjoyed the post, you can share your feedback in comment box below.

Take care of your skin and stay sexy stay beautiful always.

Love <3

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