7 fashion trends that need to come back from the grave of 90s!

It’s been a while… *sniffles*
I have a statement for you dear readers which might hit you hard; please grab a chair.
Are you ready? Okay, here we go.


Yes, I know… I understand… Take a minute… Take all the time you need to digest that we, the ninety’s kids are no longer kids anymore. Damn, right?
The good old days when courage the cowardly dog was our leisure and not the cause of an alternative theory.
When Tom & Jerry were funny and we admired Jerry instead of sitting back and realising how much of a jerk Jerry was to Tom.
When we all loved Batman and not associate with Joker’s ideology.

*PHEW* The golden old days.

It was the age of discoveries, vintage and grunge along with a wave of brilliant fashion trends that swept the market. From peasant’s tops to cowboy jeans, here are 7 trends that need, and I mean it, NEED to come back in the wave of fashion trends and market.

(I waited 13 years for Finding Dory and I had to search for the reference. I’m sorry.)

1. Grunge (YAASSS!!)

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The times when vocabulary fell short for explaining the emotions attached to a ragged piece of clothing that looked goth and vintage were what 90s are all about. Grunge fashion has not completely left the market, but the old days when you could find people wearing faded shirt because it lost its colour over time and weren’t manufactured to instil that feeling was something else, entirely. It still lingers around the stores like the smell of soil after rain. You might find some evidence on the nearest stores or amazon. But the iconic trend representation by Kurt Cobain, Ethan Hawke, and Drew Barrymore had a special, un-ironic twist that we kind of miss.

2. Ugg Boots

Remember how awesomely clunky and cosy these bad boys were? Those heavy boots were perfect for walking around in the freezing cold. We can trace back the ancestry of knee length boots and ankle length boots to these babies that were prevalent in our days for just… being. They had a thick layer of fur at the edge of their stitching and everything felt good and warm after wearing them. Hell, life fell into place once our feet rested in those welcoming footwear.

3. Acid Wash Denim (No, we didn’t dissolve them in the acid.)


 acid wash denim 90s fashion

A throwback to the times when faded meant overtime and not a style deliberately introduced to marginalise the product and make money out of… less colour on the cloth? Meh. But I’ll tell you what? We need to bring the Acid wash back. This market desperately needs to be overthrown by real fading instead of chemical fading that makes a rich kid look poor by spending money for it.

4. Crimped Hair (*sobs*)

There was a time when I tried crimping because it was just so goddamn cool to have waves in your otherwise straight and gorgeous hair. It didn’t work out for my hair and, to be honest, I used to envy anyone who had those small waves dancing along with the movement of their hair. Then, it just disappeared from the market. Instagram nowadays is filled with various hair stylists who give you a gorgeous haircut in no time but crimping is like a forgotten child! Please, ladies with long hair! (I wonder if Superwoman’s hair would look good… *gasps*)

5. Sweaters Around Shoulders

To be fair, this might not be completely gone from the trend (because I still do it). Okay maybe one person doesn’t decide the trend (*Cough* Coco Chanel *Cough* John Lenon *Clears throat* Sorry about that!) But jokes apart, swinging the arms in front while the sweater rests on your back used to be cool back in our 90s, right ladies? Well, it’s about time we start bringing this comfortable habit back because not only it was cool, but convenient for us all to just throw a long sweater on our shoulder and use it whenever we needed. It was almost like a cool remedy to a usual habit.

6. Platform Flip Flops (OMG!)

Seriously, whose idea was it to put these babies out of trend? Have you ever been to a beach in boots? Are you sure you want sand rubbing against your feet all the time? Then bring them back! Please? I mean, okay! Those flip flops were comfortable, let our feet breathe, let us show off our manicures and nail paints (or else why would you spend so much money, just paint the thumb toe for peep toes :P) Along with the comfort, the beautiful forms in which they used to be available was commendable. What else can you ask for? High platforms along with your all time favourite flip flops, it’s best of both worlds. They’re not corny, bring them back and be proud to wear one.

7. Straight Hair and Centre Parts (Yes, we’re at it again)

Okay, I love it. Back when Avril Lavigne threw her new number ‘Girlfriend’ in the market, she was an epitome of girly hairstyles. From Jennifer Aniston to J. K. Rowling, a lot of celebrities can be seen being decorated by the hairstyle where the straight hair are parted in two equal halves from the center above your bone bent on the forehead. But for some reason (SOME REASON!), it just disappeared and now nobody wants to admit that it would look good. So go out and give your hair a makeover by trying on this hairstyle.

Hope you loved the post.


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