Multani mitti – solution for all skin & hair problems!

Fuller’s Earth is the most precious gift the earth has to offer. Fuller’s earth is the most common item in every beauty product. Fuller’s earth is different from other clay and is known as Multani Mitti (soil from land of Multan in Pakistan) or Living Clay.

Most clay contains Calcium Bentonite. But when clay is further weathered to size less than a micron, it is referred at montmorillonite and has an amazing power of absorption and adsorption. This is the reason why it is termed living clay.

It gets its name from the process fulling which means adsorbing and hence fuller earth is said to adsorb all the toxic and dead matter leaving earth fresh and clean and hence it is used in cosmetics It contains complex oxides of calcium, sodium, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, iron and other minerals.

Fuller’s Earth Benefits for Skin:

Fuller’s earth has a healing nature. It is believed that warriors used to sooth inflamed feet and heal wounds with fuller earth. In some regions, people working in dye houses used to apply layer of fuller’s earth to prevent their skin from damage from dyes.

The strongest benefit remains for skin care applications. Multani Mitti face packs are far more popular. It works on wide range of skin problems. While it offers good base for other skin treatment ingredients, it doesn’t have any side effects on skin. Here we are jotting down 5 benefits of multani mitti for skin-

1-Skin cleansing properties of Fuller’s earth-

Often our skin pores get clogged with dead cells, dirt, dust, oil and other unwanted particles. It chokes your skin wanting it to die and causes acne or pimples. As a skin cleanser you require something which sort of works as magnet and pulls all these impurities. Fuller’s earth is one such magnet for impurities. It has excellent absorbing power which absorbs oil, dead cells and other impurities from your skin and makes it clean. It also has deep cleansing action. People suffering from oily skin or pimples should use Multani Mitti face packs. For people with dry skin, it may leave your skin further dry. So nourishing your skin with moisturizer is essential after use of multani mitti.

2-Fuller’s earth improves skin elasticity

This clay has ability to pull your skin and tone it up. Thus it removes signs of aging, wrinkles and loose skin. Fuller’s earth does this by improving the elasticity of your skin which makes it more resilient and lively. Fuller’s earth has excellent cooling properties. It has a soothing effect on your skin. So when skin is troubled by hot temperature or sun burns, multani mitti is the wonderful solution. This cooling effect is quick and long lasting.

3-Even if it is not about fair or dark, all women want their skin to be glowing, free of blemishes and even tone. Fuller’s earth removes any scars or blemishes from your skin. It is also helpful reduce sun tan and pigmentation.

4-Antiseptic property of Fuller’s earth

Living Clay is not so living for bacteria and other microbes. Its particles are at times smaller than few bacteria and just sticks to them which results in their death. This makes fuller’s earth good antiseptic agent. It has been traditionally used as bandage for wounds and protects them from infection. Native American used this living clay for treating internal and external injuries.

5-Home remedy for pimples and acne

When we combine a great cleansing property with strong antibacterial formulation, we get perfect recipe for cane and pimples. Fuller’s earth it is! Multani Mitti is excellent home remedy for removing not only pimples and acne but also their marks. One should regularly apply this clay for cleaner and good looking skin. And it can also be used for nappy rashes and other allergies.

How to use MULTANI MITTI for skin:

Using fuller’s earth is very simple. Mix it with water and apply thick paste to your face or skin. Wash it once it starts appearing dried. Now instead of water, you may add other fluids – fruit juice or coconut water. With clay, you can also mix other natural herbs in powder form which are good for skin or fruit pulp. There are multiple combinations in which you can you this clay for amazing benefits for skin. There could be some combination available in ready to use face packs.

  • Multani Mitti with rose water – Rose has equally skin cooling properties. You can add rose water along with water to make paste of fuller’s earth. This will give you a refreshing cool feeling.
  • Multani Mitti and Neem Face Pack – Neem is nature’s gift to mankind. You can add dried neem powder to fuller’s earth paste. Powered by strong antimicrobial properties of neem, it is cure for all skin problems and allergy.
  • Multani Mitti and Sandalwood Face Pack – Sandalwood is known for enhancing complexion of skin, its ability to remove scars and marks and moisturizing effect. In short it has abilities very similar to multani mitti. Just mix equal quantities of both with water. You may add little turmeric as well.


Fuller’s earth benefits for hair:

Just like your skin, multani mitti is multiple benefits for hair. We will show you how natural herbal hair pack with multani mitti and other ingredients can prevent hair loss, dandruff and other hair problems. Fuller’s earth improves blood circulation in scalp. It can be used as home remedy for dandruff and hair loss. It prevents fungal and bacterial growth in scalp cleanses dead skin cells and thus prevents dandruff. It serves as hair conditioner and prevents split ends.

Simple Multani Mitti hair pack – Mix thick paste of fuller’s earth to your scalp. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Make sure to keep the paste wet and don’t allow paste to dry. Wash your hair thereafter. You may try any of the variant below:

  • Aloe Vera and Fuller’s earth hair pack – Mixing fuller’s earth with aloe vera, keeps multani mitti moist enough.
  • Multani mitti dandruff pack – Mix multani mitti with fenugreek seed powder, lemon juice and honey. Apply this paste to your scalp. Regular use can keep dandruff at bay. You may also mix yogurt to this paste.

Hope you loved the post.

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