7 female personalities who will change the way you look at yourself!

The higher you extend your arms the higher will you go. There is inspiration in every nook and sometimes within us but it takes a third eye to look into it and bring it out. Not all of us know who we really are but we will find it in our journey to reach what we want.

And here are 7 inspiring personalities who will etch on to your heart forever.


When most women are hiding their dreams behind her tears Sonali Swami has laid her path into the fitness industry in India. Though it is the 21 st century, there is always an imaginary line that women hesitate to cross. Sonali swami has stepped off this boundary and has breezed in the sport of bodybuilding and won the bronze medal at WBBF Asia championship.

No herculean task stopped her from marching forward. She habitually inspires people and also encourages them to venture further. From being a fitness coach to owning a gym women are drenched with opportunities which they aren’t aware of.

She is a sponsored athlete for Optimum Nutrition, brand ambassador for Core Fitness Station, registered Zumba fitness instructor, Zumba kids and junior fitness instructor, Bokwa fitness instructor, TRX suspension trainer, bolly aerobics instructor, Les Mills Bodypump instructor.
In addition to that, she was the winner of Fit Factor at Bodypower India 2014, winner of Musclemania India 2014 Model and Fitness category, selected to represent Team India for Asians and Worlds Championship 2015 in Model Physique category.

 She was raised by a Major General and so discipline, determination and dedication has all been a part.
She already had two kids when she took her first step into fitness and once she tasted the pleasure of being who she really was she dint want to step off this path. I and toned. And after winning two high profile international fitness competitions, she is only getting stronger and better.



Missmalini started the small way and got to travel the world at an early age, having tasted different cultures she eventually got her hands on dance and theater and soon carried her graduate in the same. Her career began with an online firm and she was soon drawn towards the television field and worked as a copyright in mtv india.

She has never failed to inspire us through her work.

Being an explorer by personality, she went from a radio jockey at the very famous 92.5 radio one FM to being a writer with much ease as writing has always been a part of her. She started her own blog where she was doing exactly what caught her heart and spread far and wide. Being first of its kind, it was hard for her to make people understand what exactly she was doing. Her passion was writing is what has led her to where she is today. .

Writing on entertainment was beyond compare to what was going around and soon her page crossed the seas.

Though many competitors have risen from clouds MissMalini enjoys the taste of being first which has helped her invest enough to turn a one-person blog into an armed force.

5 rules of blogging: Malini Agarwal’s advice on creating a hit blog

1. “Find something unique, that no one is writing about.”

2. “Only write on something you’re passionate about.”

3. “Pick something you’d happily do all your life, even if no one paid you to do it.”

4. “Don’t start a blog to get famous, or to make money.”

5. “When you do make money, you’ve got to bootstrap. Invest what you make.”



Nidhi Sunil was working for a model hunt in Bangalore and was offered a place in the pageant; though she did not win, her natural beauty and confidence flew her around the world. Her dark complexion was never seen a flaw but as a golden ticket.

She wasn’t given a red carpet welcome but soon she earned it with her boldness and brashness. She then took off to travel and showed justice to her long lost passion of theatre arts. She was also one of the hands that went up for volunteer at an NGO and explored life and time in a different way. And once her hands were free she gave modelling another entry and aviated higher.

She says “your body is incredibly important; you need to stay within certain measurements in order to be a good clotheshorse.Having a photogenic face with good bone structure is a great plus. But honestly, after that, it is your personality; added virtues would be your ability to be unselfconscious in front of the camera, knowledge of your body type-structure and being able to project your individual persona and a sense of movement into an image”

She makes it clear cut that models needn’t always be super thin and skinny, a person of any size or shape can walk into the model world as they please. She sets inspiration by taking different tasks in hands and leading everyone through. She keeps enrolling herself in classes that challenges her physically and learn something new. Yoga has always been her constant and having practicing it for years now it has become a part of her. she advises each individual to lay the brick and create a world that inspires them and she also feels that it is important to be comfortable with who you are and to love and embrace each curve. The more you love the more you learn.



Nicolette Mason conquered the world when she wasn’t considered fit. She is a queer woman and has been trying to win over politics even before queer people were looked upon. Though the disparity was staked at her she soon became one of the OG fashion bloggers with a Marie Claire column, numerous TV appearances and design collaborations.

She understood the way to personal politics the hard way and won her field through hard work and passion for clothing. Fashion has always been a part of her life as she was an Iranian by her mom’s side and that appearances mattered the most. Being immigrant she wanted to look her part and always pressured herself to look her best.

She weighed extra and dint feel that she could carry fashion as a career. Her blog didn’t start the right way but it did lead to a steep turn when people started to pour her with motivation for being her. She then started making her own fashion with a touch of queer and soon her blog hit the records. She is now recognized as a queer fashion designer.



Richa Chadda is an Indian film and theater actress. She started her journey as a mega model 2008 and established herself as a promising actress in Bollywood. She worked as a supporting actress in several films and has been elating people ever since. She takes her characters too seriously and starts living the role. She even picks up different fragrance that suits the character she plays.

Becoming an actress wasn’t a part of her plan and was equally interested in academics and other activities which made her stand out in a crowd. She began her career as a model and she started falling in love with theater arts. She soon imbibed the essence and became a famous theater artist in India and Pakistan.

She now encourages emerging fashion designers and models for them. She strongly believes that women are capable of moving mountains and she advice them to enhance their skills and hold hands with their passion. She is said to have created a niche for herself in the industry by playing the leading role in Masaan She ignites minds through the roles she picks and has been inspiring them through screens


Maria Borges is a young inspiring model from Angola .She is the first black model to have walked the Victoria’s secret fashion show. Her journey like the others dragged her back to where she came from. But she wouldn’t stop trying to break the chain. And when she finally did she hit it off and flew off the charts.

She has now walked seventeen runways including Balmain, Dior and Versace. Racism and Eurocentric beauty took her down until an open minded power decided to let her fly. She is still one of the forefront in the fashion stream and her success has demolishes all the ropes that once pushed her away.

She supports people of her race to show off their beauty and let the world see them for who they really are and how far they can reach.


Sarah Todd, the world famous chef has fixed her dream of opening a restaurant in the grounds of goa. The restaurant wasn’t her flying start her life spring off as a model at the age of 18 and she spent most of her time under contracts for carrying out fashion labels like Gucci, Hugo boss and a few other high end fashion companies. During this endless battle between the air and the ramps food was her only personal escape. It was during this chaos she discovered her love for food. By then she had already traveled round the world and had each cuisine clenching to her taste buds in fine feather and to her heart a bit stronger. And that’s when she decided to throw herself into full time study at the Le cordon blue school. She has followed her heart ever since and that’s pretty much how her journey as an embolden chef began.

She survived her barricades with chocolate and icing. She then entered the master chef season six where she was loved and embraced for her telegenic advent. Her journey through this whole meal had its ebb and flow but it never slumped. Her air castle is now a casual fine dining restaurant and a beach club on the shores of small vagator beach in Goa. And her menu is fresh bright eyed menu is hitting it off fairly well. She now has her very own show in TLC where she enkindles us with a new vigor every day.  Her mainspring is to glaze people with her healthy food which is an Australian-Asian fusion. She has also published her first book ‘the healthy life of a model’ under the penguin house where she has shared her full of life appetizing recipes which will be carried thorough ages.

Sarah is an also mother to the most adorable 5-year-old boy Phoenix who is fueled with her nutritious tasty meals.

Sarah has a hidden passion for handmade ceramics and delicate soft furnishings for the kitchen. She also added that ‘ cooking is not just about the recipes itself, you eat with your eyes before the food even comes close to hitting the lips, and that she believes it’s just as important to make your meal look beautiful.’ Sarah has designed her very own home wares range Sarah Todd Living in collaboration with Cottons and Satins to bring us affordable kitchen linen and decors.

Hope you enjoyed the post.


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