7 Fun Things: What To Do When Bored

Hey Guys!
What are you upto? Anything new?
Lately I have been thinking how to make my day more productive and make better use of my day. Not that my days go to waste but lately I had a lot of free time and I kinda got bored and it got me thinking what to do when bored. At first I couldn’t think of any good leisure activity and when I finally did think of anything it was mundane thinks that I do. So I sat down to jot down a few fun things that one should be doing when they get bored. So if anyone asks you what to do when bored you better direct to this list. 😀

  1. Play Dress-up, try make-up!: Yes take it from a fashion girl, playing dress-up and applying make-up is the most fun activity to do. It prepares you to time to come, when you have less time on your hand and you have to get ready quickly. Trust me make-up techniques that are inculcated in free time always come handy.
  2. Read a fun book: I know it is such a generic pass-time but I am suggesting you to read a fun book not a heavy duty book on a subject you have a least interest in. Don’t read for the sake of reading. Explore different genres and pick up the book that really interests you and you will be glued to it in all your free time.
  3. Plan something: The key to the productive time is the planning and I truly swear by it. It keeps you organized and you won’t have last minutes hassles. Plan anything be it menu of your next get-together, mix-match outfits for the next party you have to attend, plan your business trips etc. I am sure there will be a lot of things.
  4. Indulge in Introspection: Self-reflection and introspection are one of the best tools to bring stability and positivity in your life. We critically analysis everything in our life and when it comes to ourself we often forget that. Think, analyses and examine your actions and behavior and if you find a flaw work on it, just don’t let it cloud your mind with unnecessary details.
  5. Take a new hobby: Try something new, explore the world and find a skill you haven’t tried your hands on or you don’t know already. It’s never too late to start a thing. If you have never danced then join a dance class, never baked anything then go for a baking course, want to play a sport then go find something. I bet you don’t have to think again what to do when bored. 😀
  6. Take a walk and spend some time alone: How along has it been since you have taken a walk alone? Long no? Then utilize your free time taking a walk nearby and exploring places you never know when you find your favorite place or bump into a cute stranger 😉
  7. Do some good karma!: If you have so much time on your hands that you start to think what to do when bored then spend your time with underprivileged and less fortunate. Remember it’s the cycle of life, you do good, good will come back to you and moreover it does not cost a thing to spread happiness. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the post. I would love to see your feedback in comment box below.

Love you all.



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