Get bored and live life!

“To live life is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

Today I woke up in morning with the dreaded feeling of not going to the office. I am sure you’d be able to relate to that! So I decided to spend time at home.

After some time I started that boring feeling sinking in, because there was no internet connection and no tata sky at Goa house. 😛  Even at that moment I just didn’t want to work that day! and that’s when my office is hardly 10 minute away from my house. After an hour of boredom I realised that my mind was full of both good and bad thoughts at the same time. A blogger’s mind is always thinking about photoshoot, blogging ideas, traffic and social media updates. And my mind was sucked in all these thoughts. 🙁

I closed my eyes for good 10 minutes and felt very relax. I started thinking about why we are always in hurry, what we are trying to achieve. We are doing hard work and getting paid for that, but what about the present. I always think about my blog, how to grow, what to write next, but sometime in this run I miss the whole point on why I started my blog in first place. Sometime I get upset when I see fall of traffic, but I realised that at that time too I should be happy, because up and down is just a phase in the life.

After all this manthan, I took a bath, did my hairstyle without any photoshoot ideas, wore a beautiful designer dress, laid down on the bed and ordered a pizza for myself :). Realized I was in Goa and it’s my right to be relaxed 🙂 Had the pizza and then danced for an hour. Yo Yo!

Finally at 7 PM I reached Srijan office in the work mode but in a different mood. Much more positive and energetic. Yes!

Guys! this blog post is only to say that enjoy present moment, enjoy your job, enjoy your life. Life is just a game, don’t take life too seriously. Xo Xo!

Remember it- 🙂

“Agar life acchi chal rahi to bhi acchi baat agar nahi chal to aur bhi acchi baat.”

Love you all and thanks for reading 🙂

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