Things you should know: Pro and Cons of Hair Colours

“Life is too short to have a boring hair colours.”

Hola guys!

How are you all doing? Planning weekend, eh? 😀
Talk of weekend and I instantly start to dream about pampering myself with shopping and beauty care.:D For some days I have been planning to revamp my look, I am adding new pieces to my wardrobe, changing the way I put together pieces, trying on new styles, new shoes and much more. Also I am wondering if I should get my hair colored again. I have got my hair colored 4 times in my life up till now and this time I can’t decide to get it done the 5th or not. So I made a pro and con list on my yellow writing pad (yes HIMYM for life <3) and whilst jotting them down I thought to share the list with you. 😀 So you can help me decide and also decide for yourself and to tell you these pro and cons come from experience so do read it! 😀

Pros: So I am starting off with the pro list for obvious reasons hahha! 😀

  1. New look: One of the major pro of hair coloring is, it instantly revamp your look. You wouldn’t even know and in hours it will immensely change the way you look and for the good. It always feels like that you have become few years younger with the changed look.
  2. Depth and Dimension: This point is not at all arguable; Hair coloring adds depth and dimension to your hair and your hair don’t look flat or under-colored (this is what I call dull hair). Even if you dye your hair in the shade of your natural color it will add dimension to your hair and they will look fuller and shinier.


  1. That perfect shade: Not everyone is happy with the hair color they are born with, like a blonde might rock in brunette hair color but how would she know if she doesn’t experiment. So one of the pro of hair coloring is it lets you play with different color until you find the perfect color that suits your skin the best.

I wish if there weren’t any cons, but there are and we gotta deal with it . :/

  1. Damage Damage!: It’s a well-known fact that hair coloring damages your hair and leaves your hair dry and sometimes with split ends, so your hair is already dry I won’t advice hair coloring at all. Try it at your expense if you can put all that herculean amount of energy to revive the moisture.
  2. Maintenance: Even if your hair was in the perfect shape when you colored them you still need to maintain them. You need to use prescribed shampoo and don’t even think of skipping conditioner, you know your hair can fall dry anytime. Also hair oiling is a must, so in all it takes thrice amount of time and energy to maintain your hair.
  1. Color disaster: At times people experiment little too much with colors and they get a horrendous looking color and they have to stick with that or a couple of month. So losing natural hair color at the cost of ugly color is another con.
  1. Color Compliments: Not every shade looks great with every kind of hairstyle or a particular outfit. So be ready to leave out some of your loved hairstyles and preppy outfit, your hair might not do justice to them. :(So it seems my con list is bigger than my pro list, but I am still confused. Tell me what do you guys think in the comment below and I will know your views. 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Love you all. <3
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