7 Tips for formal dressing style!

In a perfect world dressing sharp should be easy even at the work . Wouldn’t it make our life so much simpler not having to worry about what to wear, especially at work. Clothing is also an inner cue affecting your self-image. Feeling good about how you look can make you feel good about yourself, thereby increasing your personal presence. It gives you confidence.

Some ladies think formal means boring, dull, not so attractive. Every lady has the right to look stylish, elegant even at the office and also everyone can carry formal, for a party or seminars or anywhere. Formals are fun as they give you more classic, rich look.

So ladies there is the solution of all your daily problem so that you can decide and buy perfect  work wear.

1-Comfortable yet stylish trousers-

A Wide pair of trousers with a solid tunic will give you comfort and even stylish look at office also. Accessorize accordingly to give it a more polished look. You can wear wide trousers or  cigarette pants at work . One of the most effortless way to style them  is to team it with a blouse or button up shirt. This can create a great go to work outfit.

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2- Professional pencil skirts

Wearing a well fitted skirt with plain top is another option. If you have good physique, it is best to wear a pencil skirt and a tucked in formal shirt. There are other alternatives too. One can definitely opt for an A-line skirt that hides all the flaws & look extremely professional. A tulip skirt flatters every body type. It is the best investment one can make. It can be worn with formal shirts as office wear attire and can be reused as party wear by pairing it up with a shimmer top.

3. Black blazer for all

Instead of wearing a matching two-piece suit, mix it up and wear a black blazer with a charcoal or pencil skirt or pant. As long as your colors are subdued, you should have the freedom to mix it up a bit. Everyone should own a blazer its must have for all.


Calvin Klein Women jacket

4. Classic look with white shirt

The classic white shirt is essential for every wardrobe and you can wear it to casual and formal occasions. Add neutrals because they create less of a fashion statement which will match your formal outfit. Make sure the shirt doesn’t pull uncomfortably across the chest or waist.   Inspect the buttons, they should be well-placed with no gaping holes exposing your chest. Raise your arms and check that shirt tails don’t come out of your pants. Buy here- White shirt

 5. Peplum top and bell sleeves top

Peplum tops are new trend alert you can try it in your formals looks also. A solid color peplum with a white pair of well-fitted trousers gives you a very chic and refined look or you can also choose black trousers with it.Bell selves are totally adorable and with ruffle  ,they look more fun and cute . They are perfect wear top at work. They are loose and not that sticky and look perfectly sophisticated .

Peplum shirt
Bell sleeves top

6. Put your best foot forward

Choosing right shoe is so important while dressing perfectly at work , it’s about picking the kicks that send the right message. You are professional, confident, and ready to conquer the world, and your footwear should show it. Your shoe came must be strong . Opt only for a little supple colours like nude , tan brown . While shopping go for polished sandals , loafers and neutral pumps . Nude colored heels or you can choose wedges or flats if you are not comfortable in wearing heels. Take care of your shoes. Keep them functional, attractive, clean, and shined.

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Fluffy jelly sandal


7) Matchmaking Right!

Accessories and your handbags are so equally important. Your handbag should large enough to carry a few items of makeup and other important stuff. Keep your jewelry simple and understated. Metallic such as gold, silver and bronze add that special sparkle that elevates an ordinary, everyday shoe to the more elegant look that complements formal wear.

Just try to look neat and don’t go for too heavy colorful outfit. Just look simple and sophisticated.This is one of those areas where there is a lot of room for confusion. Again, your working wardrobe is going to depend on the region, climate, industry, and company where you are working. These are the basic, i hope this would help you to figure out.

Formal Chic ! Yes Please !!

Follow one famous quote, “Everyday is your fashion show and world is your runway”



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      Kajal Mishra

      That’s cool. Sure, I will check out the portal. <3 Love!

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    Nice tips for formal dressing style..

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    Praveen Palkhade

    Nice Post….. but i think jewelry is also one of the most important aspect now a days in fashion trend.

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