8 Fashion hacks to rock your Holi party in swag!

Spring is marked by the festival of colors, Holi. This Hindu festival has many interesting stories behind it, one being the immortal love of Krishna and Radha. The fun and frolic festival is also a way to welcome the Spring and win the blessings of Gods for good harvests and fertility of the land.

The festival also symbolizes a new beginning and letting go of emotional impurities from the past.

Since Holi is already knocking at your door, get ready to smear your friends and family with gulaal.  This colorful festival is our favorite because it is fun, funky and freewheeling. So let’s celebrate your Holi by giving a twist to your regular festive look. Unlike other traditional Indian festivals,, Holi is all about messing up with colors and water all over your body. Therefore looking stylish during this festive season might sound difficult? but no it is not!  There are a lot of ways in which you can style up for Holi and keep yourself in a comfortable yet glam avatar.

These fashion hacks will surely make you enjoy holi a little more while looking perfect!

1-Coolest fabric ever: Cotton


Holi’s relation with cotton is known to everyone. During the hot weather, nothing can make you look as cool as cotton does.  Wear it while going out to play with water and colors for super comfortable feel.  Whether it is guys or girls,  white kurta compliments everyone.  Combine it with printed dupattas to steal the look. Even guys can go for colorful stoles or scarves to add a pop of color to your overall attire.

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2-Why always traditional?

If you are tired of wearing traditional and want to try something different, go for a jumpsuit with an embroidered ethnic half jacket for a fun and effortless look.

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3-Eyes safety with sunnies

They fit just right to add that extra glamour to your attire.  Sunnies will make you look like a star at that party for sure. Go for the classic aviators and steal the best look. Not just that it protects your eyes from the heat and the harsh colors on this day so anyway it is going to be a total win-win situation for you.

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4-Beat the heat with shorts

Denim shorts could be your favourite thing to flaunt at your Holi party. Team them up with a nice white top or a t-shirt. There you are absolutely ready with your modern Holi attire.

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5-Makeup or no makeup?

You already know how messy it is going to be, right? hence makeup is more important on this day than any other function. It will help to protect your skin from the dangerous chemicals. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face and all visible body parts. Bold eyes will definitely enhance your looks even after you have been covered in colours. Use waterproof eye makeup that includes waterproof and smudge proof eyeliner or mascara. Keep your makeup light and just a bit of lip balm will do the job.

6-For beautiful long nails

Who wants to get their nails all dirty becuse of colours? Noone does , right?  It is the perfect occasion to wear colourful nail extensions on each nail for a change. Go for dark colors so that will be visible. Also extensions will protect your nails to stay away from dust and harmful colors.

7-Heels free foot

Totally avoid wearing heals and find some comfortable rubber shoes.  Make sure that the sole of the slippers or sneakers are strong so that  there won’t be any chance of slipping in them. If you are carrying a western look then obviously go for sneakers or pumps and for an eastern dress, go for slippers.

8-Long clean hair

Hair can get really damamged from harsh Holi colours.  Use coconut oil to prevent  penetration of chemicals on your scalp.  Apply it on hair only to prevent the damaging of hair cuticle and cortex. For a cool funky look tie a bandana around your head.

India being a land of diverse culture leads to the celebration of this splendid festival differently.

Vrindavan is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to Holi celebration. It marks a grand celebration with huge processions of people smeared in different colors dancing to the tunes of the musicians.

On the ekadashi before Holi, the city celebrates Phoolon wali Holi where flowers are thrown at the devotees by the temple priests. Another unique celebration of Holi is the Widow’s Holi that allows the widow’s to play with colors.

 Another city is Jaipur, thanks to the effort taken by Rajasthan Tourism that organizes special events for visitors. This event features Rajasthani folk dance, song performances, and a festive lunch.

Apart from that every year, Jaipur’s Holi festival begins with a massive parade including elaborately decorated elephants, camels, horses, and folk dancing through the streets. Being an important festival you’ll find activities taking place almost everywhere in India ranging from traditional temple rituals to modern parties with DJs, bhang, and plenty of colors.

So, make sure you look good and feel good at the same time this Holi!

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    This Holi, Throw Some Colours To Your Wardrobe.
    Holi, The festival of colors is almost here and we all just cannot control our excitement. Celebrated throughout the globe with utmost exuberance, spirit, and love, Holi is the festival of color.
    Bollywood has made you believe for years that you must wear white on Holi. But, we have some tips and warnings that could help you make the right choice.

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    I wish I knew it this Holi! anyways amazing artile! Enjoyed reading it.

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