9 Glowing skin tips for working woman

“Healthy and glowing skin is a reflection of overall wellness.”

Skin becomes dry and unhealthy before time due to pollution, dust and AC lifestyle. Dry skin causes dark circles and wrinkles on skin in early age. All working women should constantly take care of their skin along with juggling between home and office work; otherwise your beauty will deplete before age. Few tips for same:

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1.Mild face wash

Don’t do mistake of washing face with a soap in morning office hours. Always use mild face wash when you come back from office. It will clean your face properly and remove dirt.


Apply moisturiser in regular intervals to avoid dryness. Regular application in morning after bath and before sleep is advisable; it will help maintaining the skin moisture.


This will remove dead skin and give a healthy glow to skin.

4.Healthy diet

In general many working women miss their breakfast in hurry and take samosa, patty etc in the office canteen. It’s ok to enjoy these fast food sometime, but frequently such food intake is not good for your skin and health. At the least take juice, milk in morning and keep break-fast or fruits in your office bag. Also remember to take proper diet all over day too.

5.Complete sleep

Complete sleep is very essential for healthy skin. Night shift and over-time work make skin really unhealthy. According to research you should at-least take 8 hrs sleep daily.

6.Be natural

If you apply a lot of make up daily, the skin loses its natural glow. The cosmetics chemical harm harm your skin if you do make up daily. If it’s not necessary; don’t do full blown make up. Natural look works better in longer run.


Regardless of your work nature (outdoor vs indoor), you must apply sun-screen all over your skin to protect your skin from ultraviolet sun rays.

8.Avoid hot water

Some people take bath with hot water on daily basis, but this is very harmful, if you use hot water daily it will cause dryness in your skin.

9.Keep distance from stress

The ultimate secret of healthy skin is a stress free life. You can hide spots with the help of make-up but you can’t make skin healthy with make up. Tension/stress for a longer period makes your skin dull

Smart Tips

  • Avoid direct contact of A.C.
  • Don’t sit longer period on computer. Take break in between.
  • Apply cold water on eyes whenever you get time.
  • Don’t forget to apply moisturiser on face.
  • Don’t rub eyes.
  • Apply sunscreen regularly before going outside.
  • In night massage your under eye part with moisturizer.

I hope all working women reading IFB enjoyed the post, I know that household work is much tougher than office work.

Much love to all of you and till next time stay beautiful stay sexy.


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    I need to review the point 8 on my routine, because I really love hot water.
    Big kiss

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      Kajal Mishra

      Yes Helena, these are every working woman problem and we have to take care of this. <3

  • avatar

    I;m so bad at taking care of my skin!!! However, I love that your tips are really simple! I really should read those tips every day until they become part of my routine.

    • avatar
      Kajal Mishra

      Oh wow, I am happy to see that ladies are loving this blog post. I will be very happy if this blog will play any role in your daily routine improvement. 🙂

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