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I left home at a young age for a hostel, college, and then for a job. I have always been a family person who can’t survive a day without speaking to my parents and I remember in the last 20 years whenever I have spoken to my father over the phone, his favorite questions were:

  • How is the health?
  • How is the wealth?

Whatever be the length of the conversation, his closing sentence was always “Swasth ka khayaal rakhiyega”(Take care of your health). So what he is emphasizing every day to me is “Health is Wealth”. Now you must be wondering what I want to convey. Let’s keep it straight. One can only enjoy life when he is happy. Moreover, happiness will be at a peak when you are healthy and wealthy. Till now in our blogs, we have spoken many times that how we can keep you in good shape but this is our first blog where we are going to talk about: how can we create or compound wealth.

Wealth creation has never been an easy job. Whatever be your income, you can create wealth only when you are investing “smartly”. The great news is, most of us assume, that we are smart in terms of investment but the bad news is, sorry we are not and the major cause of this is: lack of knowledge and experience.

Now the important question is how should we proceed then? There are actually tons of investment vehicles around but today I am going to solely focus on share market investment or in short how to make money in stock market.

Nowadays, buying a stock is as simple as recharging your mobile or transferring money. Moreover with the entry of Aadhaar card, one can start trading in less than an hour. All you need is computer/mobile with an internet connection, a bank account and some money in that account, obviously. To start with you need to open a demat account. There are tons of companies helping you out there to open the demat account with various offers and discounts. But we need to be cautious or everywhere when you get cheap products. In my case, I am a proud customer of Angel Broking. You can too open a free demat account with Angel Broking.

Angel broking was started in 1987. It has the legacy to provide exceptional service to their customers. Their vision is to provide the best value for money to investors through innovative products, trading, investment strategies, state of art technology and personalized services. With more than 30 years in the market, I don’t doubt about the legacy of ANGEL BROKING and how they have outsmarted the competition, providing satisfaction to their customers. With the recent addition of its innovative ARQ, a Robo-advisory investment engine, one need to trust and act what the BOSS(ARQ) says.

What is ARQ and how ARQ differentiates itself?

Angel Broking ARQ is an investment engine from Angel Broking that gives customers solutions that are uniquely suited to their specific needs and requirements. For example, if you are an investor who is 35 years old with a high level of risk appetite then the solution offered is unique to your situation. ARQ overcomes the problem of “one-size-fits-all” and provides customised solutions to the client. For example, Reliance Industries may be a good investment idea for Investor X but SBI may be a better choice for Investor Y. This entire intelligence is collected, processed and ratified by the computer. ARQ program has enough intelligence to understand your profile, interpret the fit of the recommendation to your needs and ensure that the overall context and proportion is maintained. This is ARQ’s key differentiator.

How ARQ is providing benchmark-beating results?

When we use ARQ we see a simple computer churning out solutions for you. But behind this solution, there is a massive combination of high-end programs, robo capabilities, and sophisticated algorithms working in tandem to generate the desired personalized solution. The advantage of ARQ is that there is no human intervention in the entire progression. From the process of interpreting your data, to tabulating your responses to sifting through mountains of data and ideas to giving you a unique solution; the entire process is automated. ARQ is, thus, an efficient machine-led intelligence service at your fingertips.


Why we can trust ARQ?

According to data, Robo Advisors are growing in the US like Topsy. Even one of the white paper by Infosys reads projected total Assets under Management (AUM) of Robo Advisory to be around $2.2 trillion. With the global markets becoming increasingly data-driven, there was the need to sift through mountains of data in microseconds and customise a portfolio recommendation for consumers. With all the logic supported by data, one can definitely be sure that Robo-advisory is going to be future of all the financial solutions. After all, that is what the Angel ARQ is all about!

Usability and interface of ARQ:

The usability of the ARQ is very user-friendly. All you need is to answer few questions :

  • Your age
  • Duration of investment
  • Your experience in investment (You are a novice or you are into investing since long)
  • Your Risk appetite
  • In how many stocks you want to invest
  • how much you want to invest( no minimum investment condition)




After answering all this, the Robo-boss will do all his research and the hypersmart feature will build up your portfolio. Now next action needs to be yours and you need to invest according to the Robo-boss suggestion. With this simple app, you can do SIP’s, you can transfer funds, you can track your portfolio etc at your fingertips. So, in short, your financial advisor is in your pocket.

So let’s be happy by maintaining good health and compounding wealth.

Step by Step process to start investing with Angel Broking:

  • Open an online demat, trading and commodity account with Angel Broking
  • Keep PAN CARD & ADHAAR CARD ready for instant account opening online, alternatively you can schedule a form and documents pick up from your home or just visit local branch office as per your convenience(you can start trading within an hour if you open the account online. Check out the link.)
  • Download the Angel Broking ARQ app.
  • Start building your portfolio.

Happy investing.

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