What a college girl Carry in her Bag!

It’s saying that Men are not allowed to check women’s bag , that’s so true . On a serious note, we Ladies keep so many weird stuff with us too . As a Young Woman i used to carry some stuff which are so essential when i go out . So In this post I am going to tell You what’s in my Bag . Some stuff are weird , you must be wondering why does she keep this in her bag . I am going to reveal the reason why i carry those .I’m actually pretty good with the inners of my bag and try to empty everything out either the evening before, or the morning of, and make sure I’ve got what I need and no more..well most of the time!

So Let’s get started

1-A Notepad and Pen –   I had very bad habit of forgetting thing , it used to slip out of mind . I can’t do things without listing on Notepad . Notepad and Pen are really essential , sometimes you need to remember something or you need to write while you are not home .They are must have for me .

2-sanitizer – You need to stay out of germ , there are germs everywhere . I really had sensitive skin so i tried not to touch my face with germs . You can’t find soap and water everywhere so they helps to keep you hygienic .

3-The Beauty essentials –  Life is fast , you never know when , where you need to meet or go somewhere . I don’t do makeup regularly , but in case if i suppose to meet . I need to be ever-ready and can’t compromise with my looks . It gives you confidence because makeup only enhance your beauty . I carry small pouch of beauty essentials, including a small mirror, is to ensure that we appear on point even as we navigate through the most hectic of days.

4-Pocket Perfume – During this summer days , it is important for every girl to carry a small roll-on or deodorant. I want to smell good all day because it changes my mood and people around you will smell your sparkle too !!  I carry a small pocket size perfume in my bag .

5-Sanitary Pad in rescue – You never know when this most hard time of your month come , it’s not important you are at your home or the corrected date . I used to carry in my bag always . 

6-The Tic tacs and Safety Pin – Honestly I love tic tacks , i used to carry them in my bag too. You can use them wherever you are annoyed with your hair being frizzy in humid weather or just in case you need . I used carry cute tic tacks , small and flowers or bows on them . Also for the emergency I carry safety pins too , just in case some times on bad days your something go wrong with your outfit . This really helps .

Coin Purse – I separately carry  a coin purse . I had really cute small coins purse . I am really lazy , i can’t search for coins when i travel so i tried to be organised and make separate place for them . Second reason because i find them cute !! 

7-Small box of snacks-  I am big foodies , i really can’t resist when i am hungry . Eating chips is not good for health too , they ruined your whole workout too. So i carry a box of snacks which contains Nutri Fibre biscuits , almonds , nuts . They keep my stomach full and fast .o if you are stuck in traffic or running late for class or a meeting , you can grab them from your box.

8-sunglasses –It used to be seasonal but I’ve come to depend on these polarized babies for most of the year! I love ray bans, and especially the polarized helps reduce the glare and brightness that I have come to loathe with wearing regular sunglasses!

So These are the stuff  in my bag always , I hope this gave you some inspiration too . I am sure you all relate to this or maybe suggest something I’m missing that I should be carrying?

Cheers !!

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