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10 benefits of green tea

Hello fashionistas!
I have a very important question for you all, what is your beverage staple? Tea? Black coffee? Instant coffee? Warm milk? Smoothies? Chillers? Energy drinks? Hot chocolate? Cold coffee? Citrus tea? Green Tea? Did I hear…….GREEEEN TEAAA! 😀 Then you are my favorite kinda person! 😛 Well I am a green tea addict and I can’t emphasis more on the importance of green tea. From past few years since I have started taking green tea twice a day it has changed my life miracly. Oh I won’t bore you with all the inspirational talks, how it has changed my life, why you should be taking it but instead I will give 10 benefits of green tea and you decide for yourself. 😀

  1. Improves Skin Complexion: This is one of the biggest known beauty benefits of green tea, yes it does improve complexion. Green tea flushes out all the toxin from your body which makes your skin look old, tired and dull and what you get a clear complexion with natural glow! Drink it or use it as a mask, it helps both ways.
  2. Natural Skin Toner: Tired of spending money on skin toner that show less or no results, then try your natural skin toner, aka green tea. Green tea does a remarkable jib as skin toner, it reduces large pores, withdraw impurities, soothes your skin and above all its all natural!
  3. Anti-Ageing properties: Green tea is packed with antioxidants which are known to slow down the signs of ageing. So a cup a day can make you look at least 4-5 years younger and I say this by personal experience. 😉
  4. Burns Fat: Why do you think every doctor/dietician advises person on healthy diet to inculcate green tea? Because of a simple reason, it burns fat! It increases your metabolism which in in return reduces fat, so stay lean with green tea! 😀
  5. Lowers risk of cancer: Again green tea is packed with antioxidants and other things good for your health so it automatically reduces the risk of cancer and it’s not me who is saying this, it is scientifically proven!
  6. Kills Bacteria: Green tea are full of catechins, anti-bacterial agents that kills bacteria, so it helps to reduce pimples and acne, from bad breath, skin redness and anything and everything related to bacteria.
  7. Reduces puffiness and dark circles: Antioxidants and astringent in green tea shrink the blood vessels underneath the delicate skin around eyes and thus reduces puffing and dark circles. Put cold green tea bags over eyes and relax for 20 mins and Voila you will see the difference! 😀
  8. Natural Exfoliator: Green tea works best as natural exfoliator too! Just mix a tablespoon of green tea with 2 tablespoons of honey and scrub it all over your face and I bet you will fall in love with this natural exfoliator.
  9. Reduces Type 2 Diabetes: Studies show that green tea lowers the sugar level in body and thus helps in reducing number of diseases which include type 2 diabetes as well. Even if you are not affected by this disease, take green tea and you will not be even prone to it.
  10. Reduces Sunburn: Green tea is known to soothe skin, but which
    that it actually improves complexion and reduces sunburn for a long
    time. So you know the remedy of that stubborn tan! 😀


Tips: 1. Drink green tea twice a day at least.

2. Don’t put milk in it; it reduces the amount of antioxidants.

3. Keep used green tea bags in refrigerator and use it for face mask later or keeping under eyes.

4.  Add lemon to your green tea to make it delicious.


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