USA Travel Diaries: San Francisco: 4 things to do in one day!

Hola from U…S….A…AAAAAA! 😀

Okay you sensed my excitement, I got it! 😛 It’s the first post I am writing from USA and I could not be more excited. So much to share, so much to tell you guys. 😀 On that note, I hope you have checked my USA airport look, if you haven’t already, check it now! 😀 Today I am gonna give you a lowdown of my first day at San Francisco! The places I visited, the shit we did! Everything! 😀 So read on, I promise that’s some crazy stuff! 😀

Having reached and getting changed, our first stop was Golden Gate Park in heart of San Francisco city. The park is as grand and green as it can be. It is a huge park which boasts of 3 lovely museums and many lush green gardens. It is spread over such a vast area that you will be surprised to see how many people can fit in. It has a grand network of cycling tracks, walking tracks, several lakes, bridges and buffalo paddocks but what make it easy is the beauty and not the infrastructure. It has over 5,000 different species of plants and trees; it is literally the lungs of the city. My traveller heart says you gotta visit this place if you are in San Francisco and please don’t try to explore it on foot, its hug! Rent a bike and explore the beauty that this park is.



What we did next was to witness Bay to Breaker, in golden gate park itself! Now if you don’t know what Bay to Breakers is, you are in for a treat. 😀 It is the Word LARGEST Footrace, held annually in San Francisco. It witnesses some of the country’s best runner to come together to participate in the race. But that’s not it! 😀 It is more known for its rave costume dresses that people wear during the race. The iconic pink gorilla, Ape Hushbury, leads the costume race, followed by people in roving costumes ranging from superheroes, hippies, smurfs to muppets and many others. The scene is a treat for eyes! But again that’s not it! 😀 You will find people racing around wearing nothing but a piece as big as a tissue paper. 😀 And they sure have a lot of company! 😛 You will be amazed to know that it is the only event in San Francisco that does not have a nudity ban and people affectionately call it Bare to Breakers instead of Bay to Breakers. 😀 And imagine all this with live music band, awesome food, flying tortillas, booze and a lot of awesomeness! It is one of a kind of event and we were lucky enough to catch the last show! 😀





Our next stop was De Young Fine Arts Museum. If you love art like I do then this place is a paradise for you. It is the oldest museum in San Francisco and has exteriors and interiors that will take to you the old era of North American art. The museum is filled with classical exhibits from Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Near East, including the work of some very famous artist and some lesser known artist as well. It displays folk art form Africa, America and Pacific Islands like none other. If you are visiting Golden Gate Park and have got even an hour spare, then go check out this wonderful place. I highly recommend this place!





Next we visited Botanical Garden inside the Golden Gate Park itself. Walking through the Botanical Garden is like walking through the World! It has so many various species of plants and trees from around the World. The highlight of the place is the small redwood forest and the fragrance garden, walking through it feels like a relaxing spa treatment for both body and senses. And by any chance you miss to see redwood forest, then there’s a beautiful grove, where you can sit and mediate even. With such diversity of plants and array of beauty it is priced quite reasonably.  Another highly recommended place on my list!






Folks this is all for today! I am gonna be back tomorrow with an amazing post on my day 2 trip to USA. Till then browse through beautiful pictures of USA on Instagram and my blog, check my tweets and stay updates! More love is in on its way from USA soooooon! 😀

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