How to save money to fulfill your dream to travel the world!

“It’s not about how much money you make, it’s how to save money.” 🙂 

Hello lovely people, hope you are enjoying your life, and yes I am enjoying my USA journey 🙂 Yo Yo. I know you all are will be amazed that how people manage to travel to lots of places. Here I am jotting down some tips on how to save money to fulfill your dream to travel the world.

World’s beautiful beaches attracts you and you want to go in that beautiful lovely vadiyaan to relief your stress and tension. But in between this dream there comes a budget. 🙁 But don’t worry, by saving small amount you can collect a good money to complete your dream. 🙂 This time I am going to tell you simple money saving technique to achieve you dream in reality. Yo Yo 🙂

Make travel plan-

It is necessary, to decide at which place you want to go for your dream holiday. For your favourite place contact to travel agency for lowest price package of travelling, or you can search online and put discount coupon if available, that is also a good idea.

Make budget plan-

Make budget plan which will be happen at your tourist place. All trip, food, shopping everything. Add 10 % more cost in above budget, that may take in anything. According to this budget plan you can decide at which time you should plan your trip. 🙂

Off season holiday plan-

Maximum people want to go in the peak season of places and at this time all the things from food to stay cost increases. So you can avoid your holiday plan in this season. 😛 In place of this make a off season plan to travel the world. Like monsoon season or July- Aug is off season at maximum places in India. Like this August is the off season for Paris and Europe. You can have double profit if you travel in this period (cheap food and stay with less crowd).

Invest in Recurring deposit-

In recurring deposit you can invest small amount per month to get a big profit in end. Calculate with the date of your travel, it easily saves money and force you to save every start of the month.

Do Research-

Whatever the place you are making a plan to go, do research of that place complete and collect more knowledge of about that place. You can take help from the person who had travelled already at that place, use magazines, help from travel agencies.

Make a group plan-

If you are single you can make a group plan too to visit that place because at some places they give discounts to group. By doing this you will save money as well as you will enjoy your trip too.

Avoid too much phone bill-

Do check all roaming charges of that places where you will be going so that you can avoid high amount of phone bill because of roaming or internet use. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post. And yes, I will be covering many more places in my upcoming trip to USA. Stay Tuned for my upcoming travel post. 🙂

Till my next post stay sexy stay beautiful.


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