10 Fun Things To Do While in Las Vegas!

“Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven looks at night.”

What’s your favorite city in the world? Mine is the sin city, Las Vegas! The city lights, the night life, the luxury and all that jazz! I so love it! Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Planning to go? Yes? No? Can’t make up your mind?  Well your dilemma ends here because we have got you top 10 reasons why should visit Las Vegas at least once in your lifetime! Whether you have been there or not, these 10 fun things will surely blow your mind off and have you making plans for your next trip to Vegas. So whatcha waiting for? Read on! 😀

  1. The Strip Walk!- If there’s a place where you can celebrate life like never before it’s got to be The Strip! A 6 km long stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard is the entertainment capital of the city packed with world largest hotels and casinos. It’s not just about luxury but about spectacle of grandeur and charm of the local and luxury food too. So surely take a walk around it.   DSC_0075
    DSC_0052                                                                                                                                                                              DSC_0063
  2. Helicopter Ride Over Hoover Dam!- Fancy seeing a 20th century architectural and engineering marvel? Then you gotta see Hoover Dam, a beautiful arch constructed dam besides river Colorado and better if you take a helicopter ride over it! 😀
  3. Bellagio Watershow!- Start your surreal evening or give your evening a nice amazing break with dancing water at Bellagio Water Show, water teasing, dancing on the tune of music. It will bind to have you spellbound. 😀
  4. Fremont Street Experience!– Because it’s not a visit, it’s an experience! Visit Fremont Street for fantastically lit LED all over the place, amazing musical and visual shows, street performances and many other street-ty things. 😀                                                                                  IMG_1709 IMG_1653
  5. Selfie with “Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada”!– While visiting Las Vegas it is mandatory to take photograph or a selfies with big neon “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in Las Vegas Boulevard South, because hey, it is an instagram tradition now! 😀                                                    photo_2016-06-06_13-08-48
  6. Dinner at Planet Hollywood!- There’s nothing like dining at one of the fanciest and biggest hotels of Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood tops our list. From exquisite hotel restaurant to mile long pools, breathtaking theaters, sexy casinos, this place has everything to dance the night away!
  7. Stroll on Grand Canyon Skywalk!- You are missing an experience of lifetime if you are not going to the world’s most famous tourist site, the Grand Canyon. Take a stroll on horse-shoe magnet shaped skywalk on the edge of Grand Canyon and you will be overwhelmed to see the beauty of the place!
  8. Bird’s eye view from High Roller Ferris Wheel!- Fond of giant wheel? Then go hop on the 550 feet high, high roller wheel, which is as mighty big as it seems and gives you a bird’s eye view of the strip and the places nearby.                                                                                              photo_2016-06-06_13-00-09                                                                                                                                                                            photo_2016-06-06_13-00-01
  9. Go shopping at Caesars!- Forum shops at Caesars are definitely heaven for compulsive shoppers! You will find exquisite pieces from all over the world and the market is so big you cannot do all the shopping in just one day! 😀
  10. Madame Tussaud’s at Venetian!- Feel like seeing your favorite celebrities upclose then visit Madame Tussaud near Venetian Hotel, only that you can see them embedded in wax. The place is famous for its wax statues which has some eerie almost same looking statues of many celebrities.                                                                                                                                           Hope you enjoyed the post And soon I will be sharing many more USA travel blog post and of course Las Vegas experience too. 😛 Till my next USA travel diary stay stay tuned for my new post. XO XO
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