Five movies that are perfect for a girls’ night in!

“Happy Girls are the prettiest.”

Girls’ night in is all about having a ball of a time with your girlfriends and making everlasting memories. Beginning with snacks that you can binge on without any guilt to doing mani-pedis for each other, giving fabulous makeovers to long stretches of conversations that range about anything and everything, it is one night that every girl needs once in a while.

Snatches of laughter, enthusiasm, and excitement. lots of intense discussions that mostly come to a consensus and replete with the quintessential ingredients of drama, bonding, and never-ending popcorn, the thing that ties a girls’ night in into a perfect combination are the movies that we love to watch and rewatch. Curated with a lot of patience and experience is this list of the five movies that are ideal for a sleepover. Do not miss out on this list when you have your girlfriends over, next time around.

1-The Devil Wears Prada – A celebrated fashion editor in chief and a rookie assistant who knows nothing about fashion, this movie will make you laugh, imagine and enjoy. Be it the storyline that keeps your attention focused or the cast with powerhouse performances from Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, this movie will ignite the diva within you. Grab your pillows, some popcorn and witness one of the best movies that showcase glamour and fashion unlike any other.

2- The Lucky One – A chiseled Zac Efron, a romantic plot with twists and a beautiful story that breaks conventions and mainstream celluloid cinema, get ready to bring out a box of tissues for this one. A war-themed movie meets the quiet suburbs where our main man Efron seeks out the woman who is the reason for his survival. Beautifully portraying how he overcame PTSD, turned his life around and finally met and fell in love with the woman, this movie is worth a watch for more reasons than one. Ladies, you’ll be drooling over him and wiping silent tears at the same time.

3-Mean Girls – On Wednesdays, we wear pink and watch Mean Girls on repeat. That should be your motto because once you watch this movie, you’ll be glued on till the end. A high school story taking an ugly turn with bullying and cliques, who wouldn’t want to get a piece of that. While Regina George is the femme fatale, Lindsay Lohan becomes the cute nerdy girl next door who finally takes the lead and creates her own clique. The perfect movie which every girl will watch and relate to, get ready to be wowed and have you are been there done that moment.

4-Bridesmaids – A little bit of everything, this movie is the perfect combination of a little romance, some drama and lots of funny moments. Watch how two best friends embark on a journey of little twists with things going topsy-turvy when another person enters the picture and drives the maid of honor insane. Filled with everything that you’d want to see in a classic wedding movie, this features every little instance that brides to go through and how things pan out till the wedding. Sit down with your bestie and watch this till the end, because this ride will be one that both of you will have to take.

5-Valentine’s Day – As the name goes, this movie portrays the stories of a few couples on Valentine’s Day, one of the most celebrated days of the year which brings out emotions larger than life. With an all-star cast that keep the show going and keep you invested in the movie till the end, you will not be disappointed as this film brings out everything through its simplicity. Watch love unfold in front of you as you see Valentine’s Day, be it for the first time or the fiftieth, the experience still remains the same.

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