Don’t fill your mind with thoughts of other people

kitty suLove a person, but don’t love the words they say. Words are very powerful agent and taking them personally can harm a person very badly.  Never take someone word personally, you can be really sick. Words are that powerful.

I am saying this because I’ve suffered from this problem . I always took people words personally, and those word goes in my subconscious mind slowly eating me away. My mental bank filled with thoughts of other people,and left no space for my thoughts. In early days this didn’t seem to be a problem, however slowly they started to eat me like poison and took the form of panic disorder disease in my mind.

From last 3 – 4  months I  always had pain in my head, I used to fight with my husband and with my family. I used to get annoyed on small things. But by GOD grace I realized that this was becoming a problem and thus I sought support which helped me come out of the pain.

Lots of people suffer from such problems and many of them are not even aware. They spend whole life suffering and die without any help.

But if you want to live life powerfully and want to live life you love, then you have to give proper diet to your mind. As our body want balance diet to look healthy our mind need good thoughts to be healthy. If we know which type of food our mind require then only we can take proper care of our mind.

In my case now I know I think a lot, so I’ve to feed good thoughts to my mind to stop thinking about filthy things. Don’t think what people say about you, what they think is their problem not our. A pic very rightly depict what i mean


Beware what thoughts you feed in your mind, it might be so dangerous that you may get a disorder. Bad thoughts will always come to you very easily, but you need to work hard for good thoughts to cultivate in your mind.


If you are enjoying by reading my posts and if you want to share your experience then please share. I would love to know your thoughts. Remember, what you say will be a foodto my mind which will give me encouragement….

Do good things, think big and grow yourself….

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    ajay singh katoch

    U look gorgeous as always in ur pix… Specially ur smile.. Vampire wali <3 😉
    N nyc blog (:

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      Thanks ajay 🙂

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