Is modelling career/proffession good or bad

Kajal Mishra model delhi

I belong to middle class family from Varanasi and like any other Indian family becoming Doctor, Engineer , Banker is the ultimate goal for any child (in the eye of his/her parents). Jobs like a beautician , hair stylist , make up artist , fashion designer, model , dress artist etc has  no relevance.

These fields are for kids who don’t want to study and can’t become doctor , engineer etc. I too lived a dream of becoming a Doctor, but destiny decided otherwise and I got selected in IDBI bank and became a banker.

I was a studios child and spent my entire school days and college days with books, notes and lectures. I was in an impression that once I become successful, I would go out and live my dreams.  But since I joined IDBI bank, it was more of a boredom and routine life. I realized that I may never get to live my dreams if I just continue this way.

But God was always with me and by God grace I got selected for a modelling contest . But when I’ve done my first shoot and i uploaded my pics on facebook , then my family/relatives who knew me from my childhood thought I am going in a wrong direction and i too started to feel that they might be right.

IMG_9063 copyHowever, I met some awesome people at Celebrity face and with my husband always there on my shoots. I feel protected and find a constant source of support. This also helped me to build a lot of confidence and remove fear of group.

But whenever I go to shoot my husband is always there and I feel protected .This is positive point for me because my husband support me in this field. Because he thinks my wife has lack of confidence , it will helpful in building her confidence and remove the fear of the group.

So do I see benefits of choosing Modelling as a part time career. Yes I do.

  • It improves self grooming.
  • It improves body language , we don’t need to go for any personality development trainings .
  • It encourages me to keep my body fit with diet and workout. That’s a big motivation.

I am looking at modelling not as a full time career, but just as a hobby. I am sure that once i achieve some success, my family would be proud of me.

I don’t think any job is good or bad, it’s you who decides your action in any profession.

Now I am continuing my bank job with happiness , and I am enjoying modelling as a hobby.  Travelling is my another dream which I hope to realize someday. I am sure Universe would help me to give me opportunity to travel around the world.

So take care , enjoy your life , Love yourself and grow…

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    Nice Thoughts Kajal ! you seem to be an ambitious girl but i think the first statement is not always right it is us who thinks it to be like that, we have many successful people in many non celebrated careers still they are successful…all the best for your endeavors and of course you look great.

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