A hot girl in black, campus girl alert!

I must agree we girls can’t get enough of shopping, no matter how many clothes we owned we always think at morning “What i should wear, I don’t have enough clothes and blah blah.” Every College girls always want to look unique ,stylish ,trendy and way more different like other girls. We keep experimenting  new things but we need to save our pocket money too. 😐

However, let’s be honest, black clothes don’t exactly scream summer.  You certainly don’t have to give up your black-heavy wardrobe when the thermometer rises, but you might want to consider adding some summery elements to your outfits to make them look less stark and heavy. 

Here sharing some tips to look hot & stylish in your black and be a hot girl in the campus!


Shrugs are girls best friend, they save you from getting tan , hide your love handless when you had a little holiday weight, didn’t they! Long shrugs are so in trend, they are so much variety in that like floral, bright colours with your hot pants. They change the look and give an inexpensive way to update your look smarten up a sleeveless top for an interview. Just go with basic blank tank top and get a shrug with high waisted jeans, denying the shrug is an easy, wearable layer.

Buy it here.


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Any kind of  check shirt ,can find in your closet too.if you’ve got a plaid shirt you’re not quite sure what to do with, just go  on  this  time for fall layering. You just can’t go cooler than a basic plaid shirt worn open over your standard T-shirt/skinnies combo. Shirt over basic never goes out of style , no other way to look stylish and comfy too.

Can also steal from your boyfriend or your brother’s closet sssssshhhhh BUY IT HERE

Star Stalk

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Denim is must have shirt and will never go off style.If you didn’t have one denim shirt .Do it now. There’s nothing more classic, or more comfy. Plus, figuring out how to wear these.denim shirt is often on lists of “classic pieces you must own . You can be whole black dress up and just carry denim shirt ,it gonna change your look. Buy here.


Star Stalk

 Source :- NewsDog


Right accessories can totally change the look of your outfit. This is the “Art” of accessorizing. Your accessories will look best if they enhance your natural coloring. If you have warm-toned skin, earth colors and golden tones will look best. For a cooler complexion, go for jewel tones and opt for silver over gold. Source :- IBT Times

Tip : You can find Silver metal (churi ) bangles in your mother’s closet can add up those little simple bangles and could give you a fusion style , Try IT !!!!!!!you can find AFFORDABLE stylish accessories to jazz up

SECRETS- Don’t forget to wear your red lipstick & carry your high heels! 

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