5 Types of Sunglasses those are Perfect For Every Face Shape!

We always like the idea of wearing glasses, but sometimes we don’t wear any because we are  confused how to choose. Right? Some sunglasses are Unique and suits every face shape. Sunglasses protect your eyes and they are on  must have a list.  Sunglasses do more than make you look like a movie star. They can protect your eyes from many problems, including those caused by the sun’s harmful rays. They lead to improved and more comfortable vision from not having to squint. Here goes the list of Sunglasses which suits every style statement of Yours and worth every penny .

1-Aviators – Aviators are interesting in the sense that some people look like they belong in them while others completely shy away from the style, saying they just can’t pull them off or citing a face shape that isn’t particularly conducive to the style.Formerly being in the latter camp, I can tell you from personal experience that anyone can wear aviators. Anyone. Though they tend to be on the larger side, you can find a pair that fits a smaller or more narrow face.


2-Wayfarer Style Sunglasses –

Wayfarer Style Sunglasses you need to know if they will suit your face shape. Choosing the right sunglasses all centres around how they balance your natural features. Luckily Wayfarers have got to be the only style of sunglasses available in the market, which are suitable for every kind of face shape.

Wayfarer style sunglasses


Simple but decent, retro looking but technologically reinvented. hey do not suit round faces. Only if you have a square or an oval-shaped face should you opt for these.


Round unisex sunglass

4-Oversized Sunglasses –Your pair should give you good coverage under and around the eyes, and sit well on your nose without resting on the cheeks. sunglasses with angular frames, such as square, rectangular or trapezoids, will provide contrast to a rounded face and make it appear narrower. Got a round or a square face? Go for oversized, square-ish sunglasses that make your face appear slimmer. Darker the lenses, the stronger the illusion of a slimmer face.

Oversized sunglass

5-Geeky Glasses –  Just like regular aviators, they go with almost every type of face shape. Not only that, they look totally cute with both formal as well as informal outfits.

Geeky sunglass

It’s an extra fashion accessory. One of the reasons why we should love wearing glasses is because it gives us another way to accessorize. We get to choose what colour, style, and size we want. If we pick the right pair, it can enhance our natural features. So we can wear them with pride!

Go stylish From Head to toe !! 


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