Josh Goraya: A Designer with a Perspective on Individuality

Josh Goraya, one of the new age designers of India has been always known for his creativity and the individuality he shows in his perspective and designs. We got in touch with him to know his thoughts on his creativities and his love for fashion. Here is the brief of the interview we had with him.

Ambitious Background

We say ambitious because Josh has always been inclined towards designs and his passion for fashion. He knew what he was great at and he set his eyes on the correct goal from the starting point of his career itself. He graduated from NIFT, one of the finest design and fashion schools of India. Doing fairly well was not his forte but he believed to be the best and proved that with the award that he got in 2006 for creative excellence having the best design collection.

Achievements for Life

Of course, his hard work and sincerity for the designs paid off as he got to be the head men’s designer with one of the biggest fashion designer duos of the country, Rahul Khanna, and Rohit Gandhi. He worked with them for 6 years that is for 12 years. He did various fashion weeks with them along with some fabulous Paris exhibitions.

Later after this, he got ahead to establish his namesake label as Josh Goraya. His label caters to linearity in silhouettes and gender melange. In 2013, he even got the title award for the ‘Let’s Design contest.

Collaboration with the Biggies

When you become famous, shaking hands with people even more famous, comes hand in hand. So it happened the same with Josh too. Let us have a look at his biggest collaborations.

Arvind x JG

Arvind is the largest denim fabric producer in the country. Having said this, they are the license holder for denim and cotton house. They collaborated with Josh for creative consultancy for increasing their presence in media and handled him the project of being the in charge of the lookbook of their style range.


The next big collaboration was with OCM who is the largest textile and suiting manufacturer in the country.

Featured of the Achievements

Fashion India is a book written by Phyllida Jay and published under Thames and Hudson. This book featured Josh which was one of the major achievements in Josh’s career. In the book, he talks about the horizon of fashion in India relating to all the generations.

His take on Latest Trends and Fashion

Having said about his perspective in which he explained the publishers, he feels that fashion has changed dramatically since 2015. In his terms, fashion has become more for an individual rather than a designer having its own rules. The designers got leads to become more independent than ever. They were not bound by the hectic rules of the trends and could make their ways just like making their own designs. It has become more about their targeted and loyal customers over just the designers.

His take on the Future on Designs based on Digital Media

Like everyone else, Josh feels digital media and marketing has a brighter future in India and every marketplace is going to revolve around this. The power of the influencers on their followers is something not be neglected is what Josh explains to us during the interview.

His Entrepreneur Side with his Brand

Talking something over his label, he also owns a brand with an e-commerce website with the name of Culture Cultivation. They as a team say that they are an attempt in pursuit of a scheme that is bigger than the individual. We got quite hooked to their motive as it was something not we hear with every brand. They definitely sell apparels but with a bigger agenda. Their aim is not to target the entire mass but just those targeted people who could relate to their aesthetics and designs.

Currently, they have a store and an e-commerce website and they sell it through their personal portals. They aim to collaborate with bigger e-commerce sites as well but only with the ones understanding their values, aesthetics, and presentation of the apparels.

It was great talking to you Josh, we wish you all the luck in the world. More power to the perspective you hold on to your work.


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