Hie Beauties!
Every time I write about my excursions, short trips here and there, weekly visits to places nearby, I feel so glad to be living in this wondrous city. The city has so much to offer that it can never be enough for a traveller and explorer like me. Every day it unfolds a different shade and every day I find something new in the culture. <3 Well keeping the philosophy aside, 😀 but the Goa has some amazing places both to hang out and to find your inner peace. I always make it a point to pay a visit to off-beat and amazing places in Goa. Today I am writing about one such nightclub, Love Passion Karma Waterfronts (LPK)!

LPK is near my place in Nerul so it was an obvious choice for the weekend and when I saw the place by myself, Man! I was mesmerized! The club is situated on the bed of Candolim Rive, from one side it has the breathtaking view of the backwaters and on the other side the mighty mountains. I fell in the love with the location when I first saw it. <3 But mind you if you think that’s all about the beauty part! Well LPK has constructed in a way that it is an absolute treat to the eyes. It looks like an architectural site from outside as it is sculpted and is beautifully built and also it has a lovely décor to compliment the architectural feel. One literally feels like on a river-side palace while in this club. So much beauty! <3

Now the fun part, party! 😀 This is one uber cool place in Goa, especially around Candolim to have a great party night. There is a live DJ playing all the time on the dance floor as big as the size of the banquet hall, but be careful you can seldom tumble over people as there is a huge crowd on dance floor always. Talking of food, there normally finger food and drink are unlimited! Did I tell you the major plus of the place? They charge the entry fee for couples and stag guys but for stag girls, it’s always FREE! Ultimate no? 😀

I would say make sure you visit LPK next time you are in Goa. You are gonna love it! 😀

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