10 Things to get rid of Pregnancy fat!

Post delivery period is a very complicated one both physically and emotionally. You feel elated about being a mother. While you get stressed about your baby fat and weight gain. At this time your body will feel lose and muscles will be expanded. You will lose your body shape and this is completely natural. Never feel bad about this, and take wrong methods to get back to shape. Keep in mind that you can achieve your goal only when you are confident in yourself. So with that confidence try following these tips and you will get results within a month or two.

1. Good Food:
Eat nutritious food at right time intervals. Many will have a thought that by cutting down the regular meals can lead to weight loss. But it is not true if you cut down your regular meal you tend to gain weight and also sometimes become really weak. It is important that mother should properly eat nutritious food which is filled with proteins, fibre and calcium so that she can feed the baby well. The mother must be strong and healthy for the baby good growth. So never skip meals.
Best timings to have food:
8 am-9 am: Breakfast
12 pm-1 pm: Lunch
7 pm-8.30 pm: Dinner

2. Eat less calorie foods:
Being a mom now it is necessary that you take in foods that have less calorie but more healthy. Don’t fill your stomach with foods that make you feel heavy. Cut down all Junk foods and packed items. Avoid pickles, cheese, chocolates and salty items. Also reduce consumption of sugar in any form. Make sure you eat foods that are rich in fibre, omega-3, proteins and calcium. Take in Spinach, yoghurt, Fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and chicken that are not fried in oil. Cut down your oil take in. Use olive oil.

3. Be hydrated:
Make sure you drink enough water. 8-14 glasses of water is must for a day. Eat vegetables like cucumber and fruits like orange etc during breaks to keep yourself fresh and hydrated. Try drinking fresh juices without sugar during break times instead of having coffee or tea. Stay hydrated as it improves your metabolism and thus you can reduce weight.

4. Get good sleep:
Sleep is a very important. Get good sleep for at least 6-8 hrs. Keep your spine straight and avoid pillow. Because post pregnancy you will have pressure on your back and you might feel the pain so make sure your backbone is straight most of the time so that you can maintain your posture. Good sleep is essential for a good functioning of metabolism when your metabolism is active and perfect weight loss will happen automatically.

5.Green tea and ginger lemon tea:
Drink one cup of green tea every day (morning) as it reduces your belly fat, helps in weight management and improves your metabolism. Take a spoon of lemon syrup and ginger syrup. Boil the water add one tablespoon of honey and both the syrup. While warm drink it. This is very effective for digestion and fat loss.

6. Warm water:
Instead of having normal water every time make sure you drink warm water as it burns down your fat rapidly. Do not have cold water.

7. Walking and Yoga:
Make a routine of going on a walk every morning or evening for half an hour. Feel relaxed, stress free while walking, listen to songs and enjoy the moments. Every morning practice yoga in fresh air. Do breathing exercises ( pranayama), and kabalapathi yoga. The Kabalapathi yoga helps in belly fat loss. Waling helps in weight loss and management.

8. Gym and Exercise:
Consult your doctor before going to the gym. While working out start with warm-up go with simple workouts and finish with stretching. Take the advice of the trainer and make sure you don’t stress yourself. Because after the delivery your muscles will be expanded and would have gone lose so it is important that you tone your muscles in a very normal rate. Cardio, floor exercise, aerobics and Zumba are recommended. Make sure you breathe properly while exercising.

9. Breastfeeding:
It is said that breastfeeding burns 600-800 calories a day. So while breastfeeding you tend to give nutritious food to the baby as well as lose weight. Most of the women lose pregnancy weight via breastfeeding.

10. Be stress free and confident:
Love yourself and be the person you are. If you have grown fat due to pregnancy don’t get stressed and lose confident. Give yourself some time and be strong. Plan your day accordingly and follow the above tips. You are going to be a super mom who is fit and healthy. For your baby to be fine it is important that you carry yourself in a very hygienic way. Spend happy times with your baby, break your stress away, i can assure you that if you consider the above tips in your routine life you are going to get fit and toned within a month or two. Be confident and live your life the way you want.

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