what to eat before and after your workout!

It takes a long time to actually get our mind set on working out. I know it’s  hard but then all your sweat that you shed deserves to be well fed too. Without proper diet your exercise isn’t going to tune your body.Just like warming up before an exercise you also need to warm up your inner system to prepare yourself. Well, there are two ways on how your exercise can be benefited by food. There are two diets which you are to follow one, before you exercise to boost your energy and warm your body for the training and another, after you have finished your workout to reset your energy drained.

And here we are to run you through what to eat before and after your workout.



 it’s never healthy to go running without something in your system. Over the night your body digests everything left in your system and leaves it fresh and empty. When running your body needs carbs to burn so it’s better to have a light snack before you hit the roads. So if you are craving a little something then it’s best if you start with avocado toast, which is an ideal pre-workout snack.The avocados provide you with a valuable healthy fat that adds a boost to your run. You can also try a caffeine boost. Black coffee is said to stimulate your adrenaline for a longer run. You can also grab some nuts which will prep you for the run.


Once you have drained everything left in your body it comes down to restoring the goodness back. So it’s highly recommended to replenish it with a well balanced meal with more veggies and complex carbohydrates which will prepare you for the rest of the day. You can also start with salmon and egg for complete rejuvenation. You can also take smoothies containing papaya, coconut milk and pollen grains which will restore your energy level and improve your immunity.



When it comes to yoga it’s better to skip solid food for, you cannot stand on your head with a stomach full of rich food. So it’s better to stick to water or if you wish to go much healthier then you can start with coconut water or some light detox water/juice to kick start your workout.


Well, once you have reached the zen through yoga it’s better to start light heavy food will grease your relaxed state of body. So once you are done with yoga it’s better to go light with green smoothies with fruits and greens like celery. You can also have fresh fruits like apple or banana which moves easily through your system without disturbing your zen. If you are not a smoothie person then you can go for fresh veggies and hummus.



This includes all the high intensity training .This high interval training means that you are to flow your body with efficient energy. Its suggested that you start with nuts and seeds which are high in fibre and also snacks that are rich in carbs, proteins and fat which will keep you energised throughout the process. Its also good if you start with oat meal which will quickly boost your level. If you have no time to make you a prep meal then you can go for snack bars with processed fruits and nuts high in carbohydrates.


High intense training needs highly balanced meal to nurture your body for the rest of your day. The most important ingredient will be protein. Without enough portent you’re training won’t payoff as you need it to be. Each flesh and muscle in your body will need its own health to repair and grow. So it’s the best to add all kinds of protein starting from fish and eggs to all kinds of rich veggies to keep everything balanced.



Training your muscles is all about training your strength which requires a fuel up similar to your intense training. You can start light with half a banana and a spoonful of almond/peanut butter which will boost your body but also doesn’t leave you heavy and greasy. You can also take supplements to boost your energy before your workout.


Strength training needs enough protein to help your grow. It is important to have them in every meal of your day as they help to restructure and repair your muscles. You can also make your own protein smoothie with protein powder and power veggies. Its better to power up your smoothie with coconut water, almond milk, chia seeds, cinnamon which will give your body all that it needs. In Case of mid snack you can take energy bars with high protein, fibre and omega 3 fat which will provide you with naturally revoked energy.


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