As the skies are overcast and winds sweep across, the monsoons have proclaimed their arrival and this season is here to stay. Ranging temperatures, varying weather conditions and the accompaniments of dust and grime are the usual effects of the thundering showers. This monsoon season, don’t let your skin get affected by the balmy weather and the pellets of rainfall that may threaten to harm you. Read on and discover how to embrace the best skin care techniques that will leave you with great skin, all season long.

Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising – These tips are the holy grail of any skin care regimen. Due to the presence of unwanted particles in the air and dust that the rains inevitably bring along, wash your face a minimum of three times a day to keep your pores clean. After washing, use a toner to give your skin the smooth glow that you wanted and wrap up with an oil free moisturiser that makes your skin soft, supple and perfect for a day out amidst the downpour.
Block the sun – The harmful UV rays of the sun penetrate through and harm your skin, be it rain or shine. Due to varying temperatures, your skin has a higher susceptibility to be harmed. Pick up a sunblock that works well with your skin type and dab a little on your face every single time you go out. This not only prevents harm from happening but also keeps your skin supple and prevents quick ageing and lines.

Face Packs on – The best way to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin is through natural, homemade remedies. A mixture of ingredients that keep your skin healthy and alive is everything the doctor prescribed. Opt for your favourite face pack or blend together ingredients like curd, mashed papaya, multani mitti and aloe vera. The relaxation that your face gets and the nourishment from the pack is something that will keep your skin glowing and give it the care it needs. Help your face breathe well with homemade face packs.


Drinking water – The most underrated skin care technique, drinking your share of eight glasses of water a day keeps your body hydrated, your blood circulating well and your skin happy and healthy. Not only does that expel toxins from your body, it also reduces your sweat to a minimum such that chances of germs and grime are reduced greatly.

Waterproof Makeup – While we love our makeup, the monsoons are not a great season to go all out and perfect different makeup techniques. This is the time to go au natural as you attempt to reduce makeup which not only gives your skin a chance to breathe but also makes it look brighter and reduces chances of outbreaks happening. If you cannot live without your makeup, then invest in waterproof makeup that does not run or bleed when you’re out braving the unpredictable weather.


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