5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married to One Shampoo!

Are you married? I am sure, you are! Even if you are 18 I am sure you are! Oops, I am sorry, I missed out a keen detail. Are you married to one shampoo? Let me convince you that yes, you are. Well, a lot of us are married to one shampoo just because we have been using it for years and we trust it. We understand your loyalty guys and your trust in a particular brand too that only that would work for your hair. The concern is right but if you don’t experiment how would you really know what your hair needs. Since shampoos and boyfriends are not the same, so why not give a try to another amazing brand. Here we state 5 reasons why you must keep switching your shampoos after a regular usage.

1. It becomes less Effective over Time

Suppose you live in a beach city for 4 years. Initially, it was all good because the beaches are beautiful and you love beaches. But once you spend enough time in that same vicinity then nothing excites you. Same is the thing that happens with shampoos. A particular shampoo gets used to your hair and hence it becomes less effective over time. No matter how gorgeous you mane looks with the use of that shampoo, you must give it a break.

2. One Shampoo does not work well in all Seasons

Since our hair and scalp behave differently in different seasons then you must be smart enough to understand that same shampoo will not work for our hair in all seasons. Suppose a mint shampoo which is great for your hair during summers can be harsh during winters. Since this is your loyal shampoo you will never get this but is the fact.

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3. The same shampoo does not solve all your Problems

A hair fall shampoo will not be effective for dandruff problem or for brittle hair. And on a common graph, one woman faces at least two to three hair issues. And all these issues will not be served by the same shampoo. In this case, what you can do is keep switching between two or three shampoos so that the balance is well.

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4. It Matches and Settles for the same pH Level

Our scalp has a certain pH level and whatever shampoo we are using should match our scalp’s pH level. But the same shampoo would always settle for the same pH level as that of our scalp and this is not a very good thing. It would not do a lot for your hair in this case.

5. It stops Reacting

Suppose you have been using a shampoo for taming your dry hair. The shampoo worked like wonders for a year with the continuous usage. You will obviously be hooked to it because it worked fine. But after some time, when you have used that shampoo a lot, it becomes less reactive your hair strands. This happens because the shampoo has done its work but now you are expecting more from it. It can’t work beyond its power so it is better to switch to another shampoo so that the new one reacts in a different way.

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By this, we don’t mean to change your shampoo every month or every year. But, you can fluctuate between particular shampoos depending upon the seasons because our hair and scalp behave differently every season. Also, if you have been using one shampoo since ages like me who is using a Matrix biolage shampoo for 7 years now, I guess I should give a try to some other natural shampoo. Also, always check that your shampoo is paraben free and has the least amount of chemicals.

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