A note from a girl on the birthday of brave lady Deepika Padukone!

We are wishing to our beautiful and brave lady Deepika Padukone on her birthday. India have many proud daughters who are leading in her country. And teaching others how to be bold, courageous in their field.

Still some people in our country treating girls as a tool of their pleasure. Shame on you. But don’t forget you filthy people who is shaming ourselves & our country name, your day will pass soon. Because we girls are not the same one, we will fight against you till the end and live a glorious & peaceful life.

Yesterday, When I saw the video of Bangalore molestation case I cried, but I also feel proud that how that girls are fighting against all these bastards.

So girls, don’t stop, be fearless and fight till the end. Obviously there are good people more than bad people, because of that our country still exist, so we together will make our country beautiful & safe.

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Till our next post stay safe, stay bold, stay fearless..

<3 Jai Hind!

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